Call of Duty Developer Focused on "Casual" Gamers

Is it true that Infinity Ward is NOT targeting hardcore gamers as its demography for Call of Duty? Apparently so. Really surprising since many FPS gamers love playing Call of Duty but perhaps there's more to it. Check out the full story.

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Stuart57561613d ago

This is news is it?

In other new: keyboards are used for typing!

windrider071613d ago

It's an article. I found it interesting, but maybe that's just me. I like learning about game companies.

Stuart57561612d ago

I also like to learn about game companies. This nugget of info I learned four or five years ago.

FullmetalRoyale1612d ago

I'm referring to you in my comment below. Not that I think you should care, I just get annoyed when somebody talks about me without replying to me.

This way I'm sure you'll see it.

windrider071612d ago

@Stuart5756 - Well good for you :) Some of us aren't that informed. It's always good to refresh your memory about stuff specially if hidden details are added. First time I heard about it. Hope others find it interesting though.

FullmetalRoyale1612d ago

I'm with you. I try to stay in-the-know when it comes to gaming. Even things that don't interest me, interest me. I like to have the information.

Some people cannot grasp the idea that someone out there might genuinely be interested in something that THEY already know.

They know the information, therefore they will mock the person trying to share said information.
There is absolutely nothing insecure about that. /s

Stuart57561611d ago

I'm going to apologise, perhaps my comment seemed like I was been sarcastic towards gamers who didn't know (i thought we all knew). In fact i was been sarcastic towards the article for delivering what I believed to be common knowledge, to me it's like saying 'Sony's next gen console to be called PS4'. It doesn't mean I'm insecure though like FullmetalRoyale suggests. People can continue to upload and submit any 'news' article they want, however informed they have or haven't been in previous weeks, months and years. I suppose one way to help gauge how interesting people found it is to look at how many comments the article gets and what 'degrees' rating it gets, this article for instance....

Oh dear.

windrider071611d ago

Well as I always can't please everyone. Sometimes what you thinks is interesting will only please a few people. What you find weird might entice a lot of people. Hope you can find more awesome articles :)