Games of the Generation: Red Dead Redemption

Eurogamer: Free roaming games weren't invented during this hardware generation, but they certainly came of age thanks to the increased processing power that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 offered. It's an evolution that reached its peak with Grand Theft Auto 5, a staggering technical achievement that conjured a living, breathing city and its surrounding landscape from mere ones and zeroes.

Yet when I look back over the last eight years, it's not Rockstar's urban crime opus that resonates most strongly. It's Red Dead Redemption, the developer's western spin on the genre they popularised.

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MR123_C1372d ago

The greatest game this gen

GarrusVakarian1372d ago

Definitely up there with the best.

Lalanana1372d ago

I always said Read dead redepmtion was the greatest game I have played this gen. My whole family loves this game.. Such an emotional ending..

dark-kyon1372d ago

boring,repetitive,souless,only good things is the setting and gun play and some characters.

GarrusVakarian1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Haha, "souless"

First, it's "soulless". Second, staring out over a gorge/valley on horseback while the sun sets over the map is anything but soulless.

fsfsxii1372d ago

My thoughts exactly. Add to that the boring characters and environment, crap story.

sprinterboy1372d ago

Never completed a open world game before RDR, a testament to how great it was.

ShaunCameron1372d ago

The best game R* ever made not named GTA.