Very Exciting Xbox One News Coming At 4PM On The Gadget Show UK Website

Some exciting news related to Microsoft upcoming next-gen Xbox console is coming today at 4PM on The Gadget Show UK.


The Gadget Show UK is giving away 50 tickets to an an exclusive Xbox event this Friday in central London to try out some Xbox One games early, "Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and more"

Full Details has been updated at source link

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mhunterjr1796d ago

Open Titanfall beta on xb1 at launch...

A guy can dream right?

thrust1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

If it is that then the xbox one is a must have day one!

hehe @disagrees ;)

sonarus1796d ago

I was hoping for non kinnect bundle:(

andrewsqual1796d ago

They would need to have shown ANY footage on Xbox One in order for the general public to even get their hands on it.
At this stage, we have seen as much footage of the 360 version as the Xbox One version.
You should agree with this as you know this is true.

Eonjay1796d ago

That was a little disappointing.

THamm1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Backwards compatability? Maybe even allowing Xbox Live purchases on XB1? That would be a major advantage

HugoDrax1795d ago

That's a feature I had been hoping for since the reveal of the console.

LuvBurger1796d ago


I can't afford one right now. They can't do this to me. Then again, my wife has so much jewelry, she won't notice if a couple of them mysteriously go missing, right?

hankmoody1796d ago

As soon as I read that, I took my own mental inventory of not just my wife's jewelry but all of her personal belongings.

You get the funny bubble for that.

Pancit_Canton1796d ago

She'll probabaly do the same to you and you won't notice a couple games missing till you find it at gamestop.

Dread1796d ago

dont steal from ur wife.

gusgusjr1796d ago

damn, didn't know next-gen gets this serious. lol

Pogmathoin1796d ago

She never notices when she has it, but the moment its missing.... good luck mate... women work in strange ways...

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iamnsuperman1796d ago

I doubt it because of it coming on the gadget show website. That is something for IGN to report because it is a lot bigger. I am curious to see what it is though

iamnsuperman1796d ago

Well no surpise really. But still good for anyone wanting to go for a competition to play with the Xbox One


lastofgen1796d ago

if there is a beta, an open beta would definitely be the way to go, but i assume beta access will be tied to pre-order status.

Mr Pumblechook1796d ago

Win a ticket to play on Ryse!
Isn't that what the losers should get?

BallsEye1796d ago

Or show us black tusk studios game.

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Dragonborn3121796d ago

I would love a Titanfall beta at launch. That would be amazing.

Mike134nl1796d ago

Probably something concerning smart glass on nokia phones and surface tablets.

omegaheat1796d ago

Not sure what the exciting news is, but he did say "very" exciting. That word shouldn't be used loosely. It can get us fans excited, and then possibly set us up for disappointment. We shall see. Xbox One is already shaping up to be one helluva console.

BobBelcher1796d ago

For those that are in the States or just don't know- that's in 15 min.

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The story is too old to be commented.