Why is mobile gaming so popular in South Korea?

VB writes: Mobile gaming is expected to generate $1.4 billion in South Korea this year, and mobile games like Anipang have become a cultural phenomenon within the country. It’s as common to see older women in their sixties playing games in the subway as it is to see younger children playing games at the bus stop. We at Ultra believe the mobile gaming craze in Korea is largely a result of the following factors.

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snitch_puck1762d ago

Why is mobile gaming so popular in South Korea? Did you know that here in Asia we get lots of chinese, indian, indonesian, korean, etc etc not-so-commercially made phones and tablets like Cherry, Starmobile, Novo, Karbonn, Gwiyomi (yeah, sing if you want), and other countless brands? Basically, android and IOS gaming here is soooo popular, even kids as young as 3 years old knows how to fully navigate a common smartphone interface! I mean, come on! These assorted phones and tablets here are spreading like a cordycep infection!


kreate1762d ago

So.. how does that compare to the US?
Are we limited here in the usa?

djplonker1762d ago Show
Pancit_Canton1762d ago

Brand Loyalty?

Samsung and LG are big in Korea just like Sony and Nintendo are big in Japan.

kreate1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Uh no... just like america, its all about samsung and apple in korea. Not samsung and LG.

Its pretty much samsung and apple for the entire globe.

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