Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Is Now Available, Gets Launch Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Eidos Montreal announced today that Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, the definitive version of the critically acclaimed action-RPG title, ships today in North America for PC, PS3, X360 and WiiU."

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lilbroRx1792d ago

It doesn't matter for the Wii U. They killed any chance of it selling by giving decentralizing its availability and making the Wii U version cost nearly twice as much.

Its going to end up just like Rayman Legends. They increased costs by making more versions, and decreased sells by making the focal version less appealing and releasing it as a inopportune time.

jeffgoldwin1792d ago

Too many big words. I don't even understand what spin your trying to put on this and Im not interested enough to re-read 2-3 more times to figure it out.

Anyways, on Steam this is 50% if you already own the original version. So that's nice.

zeal0us1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Basically the WiiU version is too expensive($50) and he or she believe this will lead to lowers sales of the wiiU version.

Brucis1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

They made it multiplatform instead of exclusive like it originally was and made it $20 more expensive that its 360/PS3 counterparts which will likely reduce the sales. Many people will choose to spend $20 less and simply get it on their PS3/360. It costs money to port games and the original version will get less sales as a result of these things.

That's basically what he's saying.

SnakeCQC1792d ago

You can get a total of 75% off if you own the missing link too

ZeekQuattro1792d ago

You hit the nail on the head. The only plus here is that when the game does tank the price will take a nosedive. I'll buy it when that happens. I imagine it will sooner rather then later. .

Neonridr1792d ago

yes but unless all Wii U owners feel the same way, the sales will also tank on this and will paint a sour taste in the developers mouth when looking at developing future titles for the Wii U.

I can understand charging a few more bucks because it is the definitive version and has additional and enhanced features with the use of the gamepad, but $20 extra is ridiculous.

I will wait to see if the price comes down a bit on the Wii U version too before I take the plunge.