Maximal Effort for Minimal Rewards: Addressing GTA Online's Broken Economy

Gameranx: "How GTA Online's broken economy ruins the experiences of most players."

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MysticStrummer1672d ago

Yeah I don't think the word economy applies at all here.

The payouts are definitely too low now, and in some cases were too low before they were gimped. Going to kill a judge for a high profile crime figure should get you some pretty major cash, for example, and I don't care if I've done it before or not.

xHeavYx1672d ago

While I agree that it sucks to spend a ton of time on a mission to end up killed and get no money, I think some people want to have the best cars and apartments way sooner than it should happen. It's not that hard to make good money, just find 2-3 more people and to the "The Commute" race, takes about 2 minutes to finish and you get almost 10k if you finish first

MestreRothN4G1672d ago

Doesn't it fit on the "ruins the experiences of most players" part?

cdrorbaugh1671d ago

I have to agree with you 110% people just want thing's way sooner then now.. I mean you have to work for it that's one of the main reason's the payout's are so low, to keep "economy" in check, I have argued this multiple time's and I normally end up winning.. Think about this, game is still very new too us.. If we all get insane amounts of money now.. and we buy everything we can get our hand's on.. What's the point later on when you already have 3 Heli's and a tank and the most spendy property, the whole point of online is to get you and your crew with a bunch of time and dedication to eventually work up enough money to afford those thing's.. people expect thing's to easy and to be just handed to them. Comeon people it's a game enjoy it, don't just pounce right on through the game and be done with it in a matter of a week or so.
So yea xHeavYx I totally agree with you.

dead_eye1672d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tetsujin1672d ago

I do agree with the author; spend more on a mission than the reward, or barely break even. What I hate the most is the missions are randomly generated, so your not guaranteed to get the same one over and over, yet half the pay? Some NPCs I refuse to do missions for because the payout is almost laughable, and sometimes borderline disturbing.

I still play online but to socialize with friends in a closed server, until they add more missions and up the pay on the harder ones.

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