IGN- LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review

IGN:LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the best thing to happen to Marvel games since 2006's Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It's a warm and witty, multi-layered approach to the brand that ties in hundreds of Marvel's most iconic characters, settings, and stories. While you can knock out the campaign story in around eight hours, the world is rich with content, and I've found myself up late every night for the past week playing for "just one more hour." It may not offer the challenge or player-driven context of this year's other open-world games, but those games would be hard-pressed to deliver as much fun and happiness as you'll find in Traveler's Tales latest.

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Wizziokid1553d ago

I can't wait to play this, holding out for Christmas to get it for PS4 but I'm so hyped!

Thehyph1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I'm hoping the vita version is great!

I bought Lego Batman 2 digital when it was on sale for $5 and absolutely loved it.
I then tried Lego LOTR and was not nearly as impressed.

Edit: vita versions

Pintheshadows1553d ago

They fit the Vita so well. Can't wait to have a crack at this. Lego Batman 2 was awesome.

HighResHero1553d ago

I was wondering about the Vita Version and I might look into the Lego Batman you mentioned.

Thehyph1553d ago

If you haven't played one, (a Lego game) they're all pretty much the same idea. They're really easy, but they're really addictive. The formula never seems to change much, but it doesn't have to, as the games always seem to sell well.

Also, if you're into trophies, these games are open season. Lego Batman 2 had like 6 gold in it.

This will be a pretty good seller before the year is up, which is funny because you won't see it on pre-order lists. Lots of parents grabbing a new console for Christmas may pick it up because it has local co-op, the rating on the box, and because Lego and now Marvel are both household names.

I would wait for good footage and some reviews to sort through before buying on Vita though. As I said before: Batman 2 was great; LOTR, not so much.

Toman851553d ago

Same here. I gonna wait for the PS4 version of the game. No Xbox One launch for 2013 in Norway so PS4 it is!

The Meerkat1553d ago


Its killing me that I have to wait another 3 1/2 weeks because i'm in the UK

Neonridr1553d ago

I was undecided on whether I was going to pick this up. I think I may purchase it for the Wii U.

WeAreLegion1553d ago

Shweet! Getting it for PS4!

monkey6021553d ago

Tried the demo and have to say i was captivated by its charm
Solid controls and humour.

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