IGN- GTA Online Review

IGN:GTA Online’s technical issues have finally fallen away to reveal a game that has its quirks, but that offers an experience like nothing else out there right now, harnessing the potential of open-world multiplayer. The actual missions, though, get repetitive once you break rank 20 or so, and there needs to be more here to keep people playing. Basic things like matchmaking and the in-game economy, meanwhile, are now running smoothly, but there’s still room for improvement.

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Eamon1729d ago

No Score. That's... different.

Kane221729d ago

I think they probably did that to save face on Rockstar. if this was any other online game there definitely would've been a score

Septic1729d ago

But this isn't just 'any other online game', it is GTA Online, a game that will continue to improve and grow as time goes on.

There is a lot of scope from improvement here and it is coming and all this compounded with the fact that this is the first proper sandbox of its kind that is achieving this kind of quality where others have fallen short (APB, Saints Row etc)means that it deserves credit for what it has achieved.

KonsoruMasuta1729d ago

I just read the review and it did not seem that bad. If It did have a score, I doubt it would have been below a 7/10. The reviewer enjoyed the game.

Also, this isn't the first time IGN has done scoreless reviews.

MysticStrummer1729d ago

"GTA Online’s technical issues have finally fallen away"

Not from my experience.

KonsoruMasuta1729d ago

For most people.

I had a small period where I couldn't get on. After the patch, it working smooth again.

SirBradders1729d ago

I waited up until last Sunday to play because I know all new games require a patch period and guess what my character deleted. Whats ironic is that my mates where hassling me since launch to play and I gave them that exact reason and out of everyone my characters gone lol. Sad times.

MysticStrummer1729d ago

"For most people."

From what I've heard and read people saying online, both in the game and in the forums, there are still many people having problems. One I personally see a lot is doing a mission that becomes impossible to finish because the next group of enemies won't spawn. I also join Survival games that sometimes end when one person dies, giving no XP or cash no matter how long everyone survived.

I had about four days when I couldn't get on, then it worked mostly fine, and since the patch has gotten worse.

KYU21301729d ago

Septic is right you cant really score a growing environment. If R* is attempting to make a steadily evolving world that will expand over time its could become a long term virtual world that incorporates elements from each new release of a single player GTA title.

Saints941729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

This is bull. Go to the Social Club and the complaints on the most recent update.

Like that it has no score.