Senran Kagura Burst Planned For U.S. Release Around November

Ninja gal brawler Senran Kagura Burst doesn’t have a concrete release date in North America yet, but Xseed say on their Facebook page that they plan to release the game around November.

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Cirehpsa1614d ago

Ah, damn. I sure hope they bring over the Vita version.

It looked super fun.

Misaka_x_Touma1614d ago

you want it get a 3ds and buy this then xseed will

Cirehpsa1614d ago

I would but I'm not really interested in the 3ds one, they both have completely different gameplay.

Also I'm still waiting for a completely pink 3ds xl (in my region) not just the top being pink and the rest being white.

Why did Nintendo all of a sudden decide to make all 3DS's multiple colors.

ritsuka6661614d ago

Can't wait for see more boobs In my 3DS.

Black Block, We are the Resistance.

ZBlacktt1614d ago

Spoken like a true immature child.

CrossingEden1614d ago

Meanwhile, i'll be playing a link between worlds. Which hopefully will sell a lot more copies then this stupid unnecessary game.

rainslacker1614d ago

So wait. You won't play a Vita(an entire console) because it has a game that is only releasing in Japan that features girls doing "sexy" things, yet you can find the time to play A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS which has a game that is being released in the west with girls that do sexy things?

CrossingEden1613d ago

I was adding that game to the list of reasons as to why I still have no incentive to buy a vita. Stop putting words in my mouth. -_-

rainslacker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I'm not. You said quite clearly, "Things like this are why I'm sticking to my 3DS, while pervs get to play this stupid game, I get to play this[links zelda game]". That's not putting words in your mouth, that's you saying words from your own mouth.

From this game, I could say, "This is why I'm not going to get a 3DS. While pervs get to play this game(SKB), I get to play this"

See how stupid the argument you made sounds?

This game is about as bad in it's sexual exploitation as CGI, yet you give a free pass to the 3DS, while completely dismissing the Vita for the same reason. That, my friend, is called hypocrisy, and not the lame version of hypocrisy that most people try to call out here, but the real definition of it.