GTA 5: Use This Trick To Rob A Truck Without Getting A Wanted Level

GameRanx, by Ryan Parreno

A trick was found which lets you get away with stealing a truck and avoiding the wild goose chase that usually follows.

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Mikeyy1671d ago

What level do you need to be for security trucks to spawn in online?

paul-p19881671d ago

I think i started to see them around lvl 30 so i would assume somewhere around there

Audiggity1671d ago

"Another fan suggests a small variation to the sticky bomb trick; you throw the bombs at the back door while the vehicle is in motion. The case will fall out and conveniently come to you, and if you’re lucky, the poor guards might not even notice."

Hard to believe, but, worth a shot? A video would be nice :)

RedSoakedSponge1671d ago

doesnt prevent wanted level. i think online it automatically gives you the wanted level when you pick up the money.

Audiggity1671d ago

Certainly sounded too easy to me.