Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay at 6480 X 3840 Resolution

At the end of last week in Montreal was a really cool technology demonstration from Nvidia. Setting three 31.5-inch IGZO-monitor Asus PQ321Q (3840 x 2160) in portrait mode, the speakers of Santa Clara run the game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in the resolution of 6480 x 3840 pixels.

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GarrusVakarian1794d ago

Those thick black bars in-between screens would really gimp the immersion.

JsonHenry1793d ago

When you play a game across three monitors most people don't notice the bars. Its kinda like letterbox when TV's were going from standard to HD. Most people never noticed once they started watching.

Michael-Ironside1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I think i would notice 2 black lines splitting up my videogame, lol.

joe901793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Agreed JsonHenry.

The first few days of having 3 screens puts you off a bit but once it is a standard you forget it is 3 screens and play like its normal.

3 screens curved out plays over a 1 flat screen any day.

Actually looking to your left to see what is to your left adds a totally different game play element.

Mind preaching to a console biased crowd about multi screen gaming doesn't help, considering they sit half way across the room to actually appreciate in game graphic elements anyway.

Sitting 10ft away from a 42" screen is like looking at a tablet on your lap. Yes the screen is there but so is 80% of the wall behind it.

JsonHenry1793d ago

Be careful Joe. Talking admiringly about ANYTHING that isn't a console or available on a console on this site is almost promised that you will lose a bubble or two.

On topic- you DON'T notice the screen breakage because you mostly still look at your center screen and use the side screens much like you would real peripheral vision. Its great being able to see people coming at you from the sides at a more realistic peripheral angle than you normally would and helps out a LOT on FPS games.

thehitman1793d ago

I use dual monitor setup and its pretty noticable. In fact I dont use dual monitors for the actual game I usually have my game running on 1 screen and other applications on the other. It is really ineffective for multiplayer games where wasting time to turn your head could be life or death.

JsonHenry1793d ago


Dual monitors? What games do you play that support only two? Where is your center of screen at? No sh!t you notice it. Games aren't meant to played on only 2 monitors unless it is an RTS game like Supreme Commander.

1 monitor or 3. NOT 2.

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XB1_PS41793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

It's really not bad. I barely noticed them once I started playing. Sometimes they caught my attention again though. And I've never owned a multi monitor setup, just tried it out.

Magicite1793d ago

lol, these are not that thick, you should have seen my bars :D

MrCastle1793d ago

Absolutely pointless application.

johny51793d ago

wouldn't another added monitor equal "8k" 32 mega pixels?

neogeo1793d ago

I'm not happy into I have a 58k TV

XB1_PS41793d ago

58"? 58k isn't a thing yet. Unless you're from a future that Neogeos succeeded.

neogeo1793d ago

Neogeo was the longest lasting system ever made in history because the arcade was part of it.

Software_Lover1793d ago

Next topic on N4G.............

(opinion blog) console A can do 6480 X 3840 Resolution, Console B cant.

1793d ago
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