Xbox One Dev on Console Noise Levels: "Super Quiet", Have to Listen Hard to Hear HDD and Fan Whisper

"The Xbox One may be bigger than its predecessor, the Xbox 360, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily louder. In fact, compared to the jet engine levels of noise the Xbox 360 was capable of, you'll be struggling to hear just how loud the Xbox One is."

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GarrusVakarian1760d ago

Good, the 360 sounds like a hair dryer if you don't install the games.

Lalanana1760d ago

Lol...gotta say 360 was not quiet at all. but what a nice a way of putting it :-p

PeaSFor1760d ago

and what about the external giant powerbrick?

4Sh0w1760d ago

Yeah the noise difference between my launch 360 and the later model was quite noticeable, although mine must not have been as loud as others since I never noticed it during gameplay.

Glad to hear X1's are super quiet.

chopples9991760d ago

@ PeaSFor - last time I checked the power brick doesn't make any noise??

thrust1760d ago


do you want a tissue for your giant issue?

PeaSFor1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


weird, because my 360 powerbrick have a small fan in it wich is starting to get loud after 5-6years.

...oh and im not the only one,

are you THAT insecure? and from the look of it with all the insta disagrees i got.... you are clearly not alone.

lol, what a bunch of fragile loyalists.
QUICK HIT THE DISAGREE BUTTON!!! CLICK CLICK CLICK you bunch of insecure fragile fanatics!(it will make you feel good since you must hate peoples who dare to say something you dont like about you favorite piece of plastic.

famoussasjohn1760d ago

PeaSFor - So why don't you clean it?

Fans get clogged up with dust, clean it to avoid the sound. Though I've never heard either of my power bricks on either my Fat Xbox that I've or my Slim Xbox.

PeaSFor1760d ago

its the fan itself, the brick is clean and dust isnt the problem.

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GarrusVakarian1760d ago

It was a joke people, calm down.

BBBirdistheWord1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I am glad to hear the XBO will be whisper quiet. It sounds like the 360 taught MS some good lessons.

Like, for example, don't pack too much power into too small a case.
Or, for example, don't rely on small fans to cool hot hardware.
The list goes on.

The xbox design seems to have taken heed of these lessons and provided a large and stylish case, with humungous fan to keep the hardware cool while keeping the noise level low. I consider this to be an advantage.

While the XBO made these improvements, it seems not all next gen players did. I really hope this design gamble works out for all players concerned.

Make no mistake, MS always seems to learn from its mistakes and corrects them quickly. That much is clear.

CRAIG6671760d ago

Saying that, my 80gb PS3 has started getting louder and LOUDER over the last couple of months... I hope it's not dying on me. Much louder than my elite360...
I hope Sony and Microsoft find a consumer friendly way to implement backwards compatibility as both my current gen consoles are showing signs of tiredness... every few weeks my 36o will freeze for a couple of minutes and then return to normal... only seems to happen in Borderlands 2 though so could be a software glitch.

badz1491760d ago

80GB? the phat one? ok, I hate to break this up to you but your console is dying! it's the sign of YLoD. mine did that before it gave YLoD too.

I managed to fix it myself by reflowing the solder using heat gun but it YLoD again about a month later. this continued to the 3rd time in about 3 months when I screwed up the reflowing process. ironically the last game it ever played was GoW3! damn Kratos killed it for good! LOL

CRAIG6671760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Yup. It's the old PHAT, to be fair, it's served it's time... my first 80gb fat only lasted 3 months but Sony had my current one delivered to my door free of charge the next day after speaking to their customer services... I was very pleased in their efficiency in that regard.

I don't really want to have to buy ANOTHER PS3 or 360, as I say I am just hoping both companies come up with a decent plan for backwards compatibility, if that means paying full price for my back catalog of games again though they can all sod off!!!

To be honest I used to buy faulty rrod 360's from ebay,fix them and flog them cheap, but I really cba trying a re-flow on the PS3, I have never taken one apart and it can't be much more difficult than the 360 to pry open but I don't think I have the patience to learn right at the end of this gen n' all...

Fingers crossed it last's until Sony sort out UK PS3 streaming...

Kratos is pretty ruthless dude!

dethpuck1760d ago

My ps3 is up on 4 chili cans for ventilation. Sounds stupid but the fan doesn't have to work as hard. Saw it online. I don't wang to buy a new ps3 but I will if it dies.

rainslacker1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I would try giving it a good cleaning. Take it apart and clean it real good. I did this about 2 months ago when TLOU came out, and the noise level dropped dramatically.

It isn't a sign of the YLOD, but disregarding it can lead to such a thing. A loud fan is a working fan, but the bearings may be going bad which is where the noise comes from, and it's likely the fan isn't running at peak efficiency anymore.

If you're going to try and keep it indefinitely, it might be worth investing in a new fan, changing the heat pads, and reflowing the solder if you know how. There are several tutorials on the internet showing you how to do all these things. Probably cost you $20-30 to do it all on your own. I wouldn't attempt a reflow unless you are 100% confident in it. Heat gun doesn't work as well as an actual soldering iron, and soldering does take some skill.

Also the tin can method dethpuk mentions will help keep the noise down. Seems wierd but it does work. There was a design flaw with the old phats that prevented air flow because of the front vent placement. I started using chewing tobacco cans per a suggestion by another user, and it's more attractive, and gives me more confidence that it won't fall and break should it get knocked by accident.:)

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s8anicslayer1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Actually the older 360 models sounded like a leaf blower when the disc spun, I had a major issue with that sound level and until they released the 360 slim I would only play my PS3 while my 360 collected dust. But my 360 slim has become my all time favorite console since.

badz1491760d ago

it runs quite ha? so, perhaps...WELCOME TO 2006?

stiggs1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

@ PeaSFor

The guy with the name PeaSFor (PS4) has the gall to label the people that disagree with him as "fragile loyalists". Let's take a look at PeaSFor's comment history regarding the XBOX One, shall we?

"let him grasp the straws, thats pretty much the only thing xbone fans can do these days"

"what a shit load of shit"

"Major "MasterDouche" Nelson, major "goober douche" nelson, major "DOUCHEMASTER" nelson"

"thats pretty insecure for a MS PR"

"MS was totally fuckd and scared"

"what MS is offering with the X1 is totally raping what Sony did"

"but but but.....better with kinect"

"...what a shit load of shit"

"boo hoo, want your blantket?...dont cry little child."

If anyone is an insecure (your favorite term) fanatic who is obsessed with his "favorite piece of plastic" it is you.

PeaSFor, you should take a good look inward at yourself before you call out others. I'm pretty sure that you're going to see what you profess to abhor.

Magicite1760d ago

Western Digital Green makes almost no sound.
Cooler Master Hyper makes almost no sound.
So how quiet is ''Super Quiet'' compared ''Ultra Quiet'' and ''Uber Quiet''?

opinska1759d ago

Hum not the black 360 runs quiet

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JohnnyBadfinger1760d ago

I still play on a launch X360 and that thing sounds like a monster from the bottom of the ocean!
Even with headphones it's still loud enough to clearly hear while in a hectic game of BF3

quinten4881760d ago

I won't hear a peep since it won't be in my house.

BobBelcher1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

do people ever ask theirself,
"was that really necessary?"
after they make comments like this?

1760d ago
Volkama1760d ago

Bubble up for helpful. /s

MasterCornholio1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

In my case I'm going to have to deal with whatever noise the PS4 makes.

I won't be hearing anything from the Xbox One or the Wii U because I'm not going to buy them this year.

Anyways I'm happy that the Xbox One is quite because from my experience the fat 360 was extremely noisy.

Nexus 7 2013

Studio-YaMi1760d ago

You won't buy one yet you just HAD TO come into a topic about it and speak ill of it.

Oh boy you're classy./S

BBBirdistheWord1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

@ studio
It's the fanboy disease.

very difficult to cure.
A bit like leprosy, really.

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sephiroth4201760d ago

my ps3 starts to sound louder and louder too, my 360 was pretty loud when i had that a while back, i bet theres new consoles wont be as quiet as they are making out, i really hope not though, it really pisses me off when you can hear the console over the game :/

DiRtY1760d ago

Launch Xbox 360 was pretty noisy.
Later 360 models were really quiet.