Battlefield 4 launch should be the "smoothest" yet, says DICE, but there will be bugs

"You might not understand what we've gone through to get there," says Patrick Bach. [OXM]

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pedrof931792d ago

LOL After 2 years BF3 has still tons of bugs.

xYLeinen1792d ago

There are not ton of bugs.. There is a bug here and there but nothing game breaking at all..

If we believe we can expect a AAA game now a days at this scale to have no bugs then we're kidding ourselves..

3-4-51792d ago

@pedro- It's still really fun and completely playable, to the point of not even noticing any bugs at all.

HarryB1792d ago

I had the pc beta. I can run bf3 on ulrta settings. I had such a hard time in the pc beta. It was complete garbage. Im not going to buy this. I was looking forward to watch dogs. Im probably going to get cod ghost. Sure it might be the same shit every year. But I never had problems on pc like I did bf4 beta. The bugs in bf3 was not anywhere close to the kind in bf4.

tyrant441792d ago

I ran the beta on ultra the first day and it was a blast, if you don't get what beta means and you decide not to buy the game based on that good for you, BUT DON'T COME HERE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT! BF DON'T NEED YOU!

HarryB1792d ago

Ofcourse its a beta. I know there will be bugs. But this timr around it was bad. And your lieing if you played it on ultra. Even people with rigs better than mine who had amd cards couldn't run it ultra. There's a difference between running a game and playing it. I put bf4 on ultra it was beautiful. But its unplayable. My specs are higher than the recommended.

That beta build was ported from a fucking console. And you wait and see how much of a disaster bf4 is going to be when released. Empty servers across the board on pc same way the beta. At one point there was only 300 people playing pc beta. Thats how awful this game was.

You don't make a car without adding wheels. Bf4 was like a ferrari with tank tracks. Beautiful. But slower than a jetta.

Detoxx1792d ago

Oh dear the freakin BETA was giving you problems, I still don´t know why you were getting an hard time.. It might be because of the BETA *Sarcasm*

C0LLAT1792d ago

They call it a BTEA for a reason!!!

some people are so ignorant.

HarryB1792d ago

More than half the players had issues.

ZodTheRipper1792d ago

And isn't it launching in a few weeks?

princejb1341792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I agree. I have my bf4 pre order paid in full but debating whether to get it or not. Wasn't very impressed with the beta since many of the things I wish they changed from bf3 still exist. And please don't give me it's a beta debate. Bf3 beta and the full retail release were pretty much the same minus a few bugs


So every beta should be the same and play the same. Its a beta people. Don't play it if you don't want the problems. You play the beta to give feed back. Did any of you do that or just get on the forums to complain. Hmmm I bet.

iistuii1792d ago

I had troubles until they released the last patch. I then could play it on Ultra with my GTX680 but only with FXAA, I could put MSAA on but it didn't run smooth which I hope will improve on release. But to your point, it was crap at first, but they did patch the beta a few times.

famoussasjohn1792d ago

It got a lot smoother near the end of the beta. They were releasing patches to fix various issues, at first though it would crash abruptly when you'd die sometimes.

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urwifeminder1792d ago

Had a lot of gains when I enabled hyper threading in windows was locked on one core through msconfig now it is on 8 four virtual massive gains on hitman as well.

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