The Best of GTA 5's Street Photography

GameRanx, by Ryan Parreno

Found a wonderful image gallery of GTA 5 screenshots made as if they were photos taken by a professional. These photos show off how pretty the game is, but are also testament to the imagemaker's talent (wrenculp). Enjoy!

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SKYVVLKR1549d ago

Pretty cool. GTA V has no limits.

Hydrolex1548d ago

ugly textures, can't wait for the pc version

KingKevo1548d ago

So tell me, when did you stop enjoying games? I feel sorry for you, I really do.

Hydrolex1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

ehhh I used to make those comments on N4G too until one day I grew some ballz and bought a 2k Pc. That's when I experienced gaming :0 !!!

going from high resolution games to a game like GTA v on a 7 years old machine hurts your eyes, try it

SolidStoner1548d ago


I also grew up..

now I understand that it doesn't matter on what platform you play.. it matters with who you play and what you play..

its like with alcohol, you may be having the best whisky in the world, but you are drinking it alone!

GarrusVakarian1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

It's comments like these that give PC gamers a bad name.

"I grew some ballz and bought a 2k Pc. That's when I experienced gaming :0 !!! "

So the rest of us AREN'T experiencing gaming? Oh, that sucks, all this time i thought i was a gamer playing on my console, apparently not.

Reverent1548d ago

As a PC gamer, you shame me, sir.

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Animal Mutha 761548d ago

Every time I drive through Blaine county and see a sunset I have to remind myself that this is on an Xbox with 512mb of ram.

What R* have done with GTA V is nothing short of miraculous.

PC/next gen version would be insane.

Mogwai1548d ago

why they didnt just wait for next gen i dont know but imagine what they are gonna pull off with the next installment?! id personally love a next gen other game like it...EVER! disturbing adult fun!

Animal Mutha 761547d ago

GTA V - Directors cut on XB1

Might include DLC and be based on PC version.

Q2/Q3 2014.