Rockstar to quash "unintended" GTA Online exploits, reduced mission cash makes game more "fair"

"All of this is done to keep things as fair and as fun as possible," says developer. [OXM]

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GarrusVakarian1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

What's not fair is the fact that some people will get less than others in the same lobby. For example i hosted a mission for me and 3 friends, i picked up the meth and delivered it myself and me one other received $3500 while the other 2 received $5000, wtf is up with that?

IanVanCheese1758d ago

That is for replaying missions I think. If you've done that mission before you get half...which is bullshit, they're just making it even more profitable to grind the races rather than do missions.

cleft51758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

So R* solution to balancing the economy was to make it a lot harder for anyone who hasn't glitched or boosted to make money or RP. Wow that is some terribly backwards logic.

If they really wanted to fix the economy they would have left the game the same but patch out the exploits, reset anyone that is over a certain high level that there is no way they could have attained by playing normally, and reset anyone with a ridiculous amount of money that they could have never gotten normally.

There servers are cloud based, so they have everyone progress right in front of them and they could easily see people who all of a sudden went from level 1 to 50 in an insanely fast amount of time or those who made an insane amount of money within minutes.

They aren't doing that because their main priority is to sell their Shark Cards. You see the people that glitched may have brought a Shark Card so we can't alienate them. So their solution is to keep the cheaters around and punish the people that actually just play the game normally. I am sorry, but that is unacceptable.

hay1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Soooo... Let me get this right.
Initially money earning curve was painfully slow, so we had to grind in order to earn for the damned apartment for the heists that aren't in the game yet, lost tens of thousands of imaginary dollars on disappearing vehicles and R* thinks it is a good idea to reduce the curve even further?

Now that's a brilliant idea. It makes me regret not exploiting when I had a chance.

And how they did it is plain dumb. I keep getting calls from NPCs to call them, but when I call them they have no jobs for me. Woohoo.

yeahokchief1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

There are 2 criteria that determine whether you get the full payout for the mission:

1. You have to be a high enough level to meet the level requirement (which you can see in the invite lobby)

2. You must not have already beaten it once for the full payment.

If you join a higher level player to beat the mission and only get 10k for the 20k mission for example, you'll still get the 20k when you are high enough level to get the mission.

I could really give a care less how much they nerf the payments because I mainly enjoy doing the missions. The game needs more missions though. I've been getting offered teh same missions over and over way too often since you only unlock a relatively small number of new ones every 5 or so levels. My wallet isn't hurting at all. I'm sitting on around $900,000 and we haven't even gotten the stimulus yet.

FullmetalRoyale1758d ago

"I could really give a care less..."


crimsonfox1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I immediately stopped reading after "I could really give a care less" and scrolled down just to read "I could really give a care less..."  haha good stuff.

dirigiblebill1758d ago

How does it make anything more fair, Rockstar? You're already allowing some players to buy currency and thus stock up on high-powered weapons. Why do you care if some players get hold of that money by gaming the system rather than paying for it? Oh right.

zerocrossing1758d ago

The pay to win exploit in games ruins any chance of "fairness" It's supposed to be for noobs or those who need a helping hand.

mhunterjr1758d ago

What pay to win? Even if you have a lot ofmoney, you have to grind through the ranks in order to get the high powered items.

The only way to rank up is by doing a lot of jobs. So the people who earn their money legitimately will be unlocking items at a faster clip than the cheaters anyway.

Spinal1758d ago

You cant buy high powered weapons until you rank up! Which means u have to play the game and do missions etc first.

So WTF you talkin bout? Have u even played the game? A new player at rank 1 can only buy a pistol so if he buys cash it makes no difference u dont unlock good weps until far later at a much higher rank.

cdrorbaugh1757d ago

That's not just the point, a level 1 rank can have a maxed out pistol that is still OP. As for a level 1 legit player will only have a pistol with mabey 1 attachment.

Spinal1757d ago


dude, you are highly misinformed. To also max out pistols or any weapons. Scope, Suppressor, Extended clip they require ranks. You cant just buy them.

dangert121758d ago

So I'm guessing Rockstar can still do no wrong?

die_fiend1758d ago

Apparently not. This is a big misstep

Funny how they don't seem to patch the XP exploits quickly but the cash ones they're all over. It doesn't make the game more fun to generate cash at such a low rate. Both of the good £25k missions were halved which sucks.

Most people I know are stopping playing due to how long it takes to buy things

GarrusVakarian1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

"Most people I know are stopping playing due to how long it takes to buy things"

Then you must have some ADHD friends because if you are "good" at the game its really not hard to earn money. Races are by far the easiest way to get cash if you are good at them. Come first and you will get close to the 10 grand mark. Grinding is a part of MMO's, this one is no different.

A combination of being good at the game, doing a daily sale of a car to Los Santos customs, collecting bounty's and missions gives you money in no time.

I really don't see why people keep saying its so hard to earn money, i earned 650,000 for the Cheetah in no time playing the game completely legit. As i said, races is where the money is at. I blame games being too easy these days and rewards being handed out too casually, so that when we come upon a game that requires time to earn money we shout and whine.

Although i do admit that halving the mission payout was greedy, the amounts were perfect before the update.


I don't exactly believe that everyone has just fullstopped playing the game...

however, from my personal experience, last night was the first night since the game has been out that I came back home from work, but on my xbox and for the first time not a single person was playing the game.

I have already heard a few friends say they are getting board with it and others who say they can't be bothered with missions etc anymore.

when you think about what you spend on ammo, body armor etc and then the payout, there are only a hand full of missions that are actually worth trying if you want cash. then you look at how much ammo you can burn just shooting at people or defending yourself against people in free-roam and medical bills etc it really gets dry quite fast.

If they really want to make it fair they should reduce the xp. if people didn't rank up as fast they would not be able to unlock all the weapons so fast and all the extra cash would be useless apart from stocking up on ammo etc. funny how they don't reduce that though, but only the cash.

I am a big fan of R* and GTA online has so much potential, but if R* really don't find the middle ground with what they want to achieve and what fans want to play, well it already feels like it's dieing a rather fast death to me.

MysticStrummer1758d ago

I haven't stopped playing completely, but I've definitely slowed down a lot.

I took a one day break from the game, the first time I've done that since launch, logged in last night, tried to get in a Quick Job, got kicked because people are too stupid to figure out how to keep randoms out of their games, got in another Quick Job, got kicked again for the same reason, got in another Quick Job, did the mission which involved a battle in one location, another battle along with some hacking at another location, and a final battle... but that final battle never started because of a glitch, so everyone left the room after wasting their time.

I just turned the game off at that point. Don't know if I'll play today. The fun is fading fast. With the current payouts, I can't imagine playing enough to be able to buy anything very good, and I refuse to buy in game cash.

It makes no damn sense to (for example) kill a judge at the request of a major crime figure (Martin) and get paid so little. Uncompleted jobs like the one I described above happen occasionally, so I don't always even get the current paltry payout.

Also, if you're not in an active crew you might as well not bother. People won't play with randoms, from what I've seen. I get kicked about half the time, after hearing them on their mics... "Who is this guy? Who invited him? Do you know him?...". Is there a glitch that lets randoms in even when you have your room set to Closed? If there is such a glitch it never happens to me when I host, so I just assume those hosts are morons.

GarrusVakarian1758d ago

Every company can do wrong, even R*.

GarrusVakarian1758d ago

To my above comment, im not giving R* a free pass here, far from it, i will be the first person to criticize them. Just stating my opinion that it isn't as hard to get money as people say it is.

steve30x1758d ago

@ Dangert12 : Yes they can. They have features in online mode that would also work in single player mode but they left the features to single player mode. This doesnt make me want to play GTA Online any more , it just makes want to be able to put money into an ATM or buy an appartment or house in single player mode.

@ die_fiend : "Most people I know are stopping playing due to how long it takes to buy things"

This is the attitude of people with the past few years. They want everything handed to them on a gold platter instead of working for it in games.

yeahokchief1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Nobody is perfect. They're just better at listening to fans and not releasing yearly mediocre games.

They're pretty slow to respond in patching exploits. Either that or they had to deal with a lot of the stability issues first which slowed them down in balancing.

I personally would have nerfed survival within the first day of playing it. 20k per 10 waves, ability to carry weapons over into free roam/missions and all the cover you got made it a breeze and made doing anything else to level up retarded. There's currently an even better way to level up out there right now, but im not gonna say what it is. It'll hopefully be patched within a week or so if they are smart.

They basically have to constantly change balance issues so that people are playing the game in the handful of ways it was intended to be played as opposed to only experiencing boneyard survival matches 24/7.


Nerfing it is not the solution. they should have just made it harder. more waves to get through etc.

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SnakeCQC1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

So people who are sad enough to pay for the in game currency will buy tanks etc while people who legitamely olay the game will earn enough for the expensive items a year after launch

JeffGUNZ1758d ago

No, not really. You have to reach high levels to unlock cool stuff. So, a level 10 can buy all the money they want, but are limited in what they can actually buy. Down the road, sure, but I am hoping Heists and other things like that will be incorporated soon so people can actually make more money then a few grand here and there.

-Foxtrot1758d ago

I hope people speak out about this, Rockstar are letting their rep go to their head's.

If no one does or says anything Rockstar will become one of those companies in tje far what happened to Capcom

Joe9131758d ago

I understand what ppl are talking about but I'm not having that problem I started last night with 3k ended the night in 3 or 4 hours of playing with 50k I think the hospital bills need to be lower cause I hate doing missions then when Im done and I am going through my phone to do another mission someone run up and shoot me I also lvl up from lvl 10 to 17 in the same time.

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