GTA Online, What is the Future of Online Play?

Personal thoughts on the GTA Online experience.

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showtimefolks1729d ago

i hope RS keep their focus on single player just as much as online, i don't like online games as much as single player games, where i can take my time and do things on my own pace

josephayal1729d ago

ok meh! single player is way better

Scizz1729d ago

If they can do both well I don't see how it can hurt. R* focus should be a better OVERALL experience and if they feel in order to do that they need to expand on online play, if done well that's a win for me.

showtimefolks1729d ago

no doubt, i don't disagree. if they can do both well i am all for it. I just don't want them to focus more on online. But its RS afterall they will do the right things

Ghostdogg1728d ago

That would be the shit then