Opinion: Should review scores be affected by multiplayer?

MWEB GameZone writer, Tauriq Moosa, takes a look at how a bad multiplayer experience affects the games' rating focusing on Rockstar's GTA V and discusses how we might have to look at single player and multiplayer seperately.

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HanCilliers1798d ago

This kinda feels like a Pandora's box you opened. Sometimes the SP vs MP experience of a game is so vastly different - that splitting it in 2 separate scores seems wise. That's never been done though? So it seems that the rating system is flawed, *points to BF3 SP vs BF3 MP. I've sometimes felt that developers adds MP to a game just to justify getting more revenue from the player, and then the MP experience is terribad. Two ratings gets my vote

cdrorbaugh1798d ago

I think that BF3 was a terriable example for, because alot of people will disagree with you on this one. BF3 SP is by far the best SP out there still. And BF3 MP is also there for back up if your bored of SP. It's not there to justify anything.

HanCilliers1797d ago

Fair enough, i didn't enjoy it, but as you say, other did

schmoe1798d ago

yeah its a can of worms but I agree with Han, it should be 2 ratings

iamnsuperman1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Or no rating. Problem with score based ratings is it stops people reading reviews and a score is pretty arbitrary. Unless you ensure everyone takes one structured level based marking system (something I do) scores themselves are a flawed concept

HanCilliers1798d ago

I agree with you, i prefer if the writers don't use a score, a YES or NO is sufficient

DesVader1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I think multiplayer should be a component in reviews. If the game builds it in, it should be part of the review as a separate section. Sometimes this is in the games best interest - take BF3 - fantastic multiplayer game, but rubbish single player. So if the game was rated on single player alone, it would fail.

Choc_Salties1798d ago

The reverse can be applied to some titles in the Call of Duty series, most notably MW2 and MW3. Single player in all of the games is sterling, but the MP component, especially in MW2 in this region would be terrible when taking the peer-2-peer server concentrator system into account. This wouldn't be a problem in more developed Europe or the US, but around here, it caused big problems. Ranked MP only worked in a peer-2-peer fashion, while competitive or custom play allowed dedicated servers on PC only. Rather odd manner to be doing things in some respects...

HanCilliers1798d ago

The COD franchise is one of the best examples of the SP/MP problem.

marigold1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I don't see why the review or the score should be split. Multiplayer is just as much a part of the game (just like the singleplayer). It's what makes a game whole. Of course, some games have terrible singleplayer but excellent multiplayer, but the game should be scored in its entirety. Both elements should be addressed in the text and in the final score.

HanCilliers1797d ago

That's gonna really be complicated, but good points you raising