For The Players Since 1995: The Making Of...

We go behind the scenes at the making of our incredible 'For The Players Since 1995' feature.

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Eonjay1794d ago

LOL at the Sony Walkman CD player! I had that thing!

miyamoto1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

This comment is coming from a die hard Sega Saturn gamer.

Sony PlayStation made video gaming a legitimate form of mainstream adult entertainment therefore saving videogame industry from the stigma that videogames are just for young little kids.

Sony PlayStation saved the videogames industry from the vice like grip the Nintendo monopoly and price fixing had on the videogames industry.

Actually Sony made the Sega CD drive too.

dangert121794d ago

For me this generation has been the best thus far currently only 22 i missed so much out of the previous generations, skipping cutscenes not understanding their purpose, then not understanding what suppose to be doing and just giving up, or just being young and not being able to save for memory cards etc Being able to relive some great PS1 & Ps2 Classic with better understanding to the gaming experience and having logic behind briefings and cutscenes rhen I had first time around and on top of that all the greatness this gen brought me on the Ps3 makes the Ps3 the best for me...

It's worth noting I grew up in a big family where most of us were gamers and argued alot so had to take turns so cut scenes etc were seen as annoyances cutting into game time lol

miyamoto1794d ago

PS3 is the king of consoles this generation in terms of quality and quantity. PlayStation is always the well rounded platform of all. Not leaning towards a particular genre or trend. Sony has something for someone may it be Japanese games or Western games specially the great exclusives.

C0LLAT1794d ago

she is sooo fugly! lol

C0LLAT1794d ago

oh yeah... I forgot, in the UK they don't get much better do they.

Dante811794d ago

Have you ever seen Kate Beckinsale?

Destrania1794d ago

Or Cate Blanchett. Or...

1794d ago
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