Top 5 Action-Adventure Solo Games Coming Spring 2014

One of the hottest genres lately has been the action-adventure role-playing category and the upcoming year promises a tremendous amount of choice and opportunity for this field. The acclaimed The Witcher and Dragon Age series will return and new names like Watch Dogs will certainly expand the world of next-gen role-playing. The upcoming spring will bring many surprises and players will most likely have a hard time sticking with just one title. Let’s take a look at the top 5 action-adventure solo games coming next spring.

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Az1mov1007d ago

watchdogs might be the only title standing out. Infamous second son not there???

Senyra1007d ago

It's not for sure that it will come out next spring, it will most likely come out afterwards.

minimur121007d ago

At E3 (or a different conference) I'm positive they mentioned a feburary release date

Az1mov1007d ago

They did mention February indeed

Roccetarius1007d ago

Haha, when Thief is mentioned as Action-Adventure, then you know something is wrong.

Senyra1007d ago

Thief is categorized as action-adventure and stealth.

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Tontus1007d ago

Isn't Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 coming out spring 2014? That game is going to be amazing!