Eden Star Hands-On Preview: "I'm A Terraforming, Free-Running Iron Man" | Dealspwn

Dealspwn: "Eden Star has an uncertain future, but it's done enough to pique my curiosity. In many ways, it reminds me of Singularity: a game that combined lots of my favourite gameplay mechanisms and weapons and chucked them into one Best Of title. Eden Star has a number of things that I crave from plenty of games: systemic, user-driven gameplay; upgradeable, free-form creation systems; physics-based combat that allows me to fling robots into rocks; dynamic traversal and the ability to slow down time. The proof is there in the combat demo: the systems all work (even if some of them need fine tuning). All we need now is a structure, a setting, and a purpose to make this magnificent mashup of mechanics more than a tantalising possibility.

And money. Flix are going to need some money."

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