Grand Theft Auto 5: Top 5 Prettiest Women

In the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series the majority of the protagonists and secondary characters are male, probably because most gamers are guys and they prefer to role-play a male character instead of a female. Nevertheless and despite this severe barrier between genres, there are always a few females to spicy up things in the GTA stories. Who are the beauty queens of the fifth game?

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GarrusVakarian1733d ago

Chop is more attractive than the women in that list. Lol.

Senyra1733d ago

What can I say. The developers are not so skilled when it comes to create virtual women xD

cleft51733d ago

Tanisha looks alright anyways.

slimeybrainboy1733d ago

Molly and Tracey are babes. The rest are pretty horrendous. The hookers in the game are actually probably the most pretty girls in the game.

Senyra1733d ago

Yep, I agree. Anyway, Tanisha is not ugly, if you check her clip with Franklin in HD, she's quite pretty.

Computersaysno1733d ago

I took one of the strippers home and then after a few in game days I got a message on my ifruit with a picture of her in her underwear and a saucy message LOL pure gold

raresteak1733d ago

Great list.

Can't wait for Top 10 Hairstyles in GTA V. (Out of 15 or so available)

Senyra1733d ago

Thank you. That's a quite good idea, I will probably make a top article about that :P

leonelwolfer1733d ago

This game is absolutely not for my children. They might not be able to distinguish the difference and just shoot any member of the family

Senyra1733d ago

Well, the game is not recommended for children :( It has a lot of inappropriate content.

cdrorbaugh1733d ago

you are obviously new to gaming if you just now figured GTA5 isn't for children, hence the rating on the game is M for mature..

rigbybot1271733d ago

I thought the most attractive woman in the game was the one who worked at Vangelico's.

Senyra1733d ago

There was a really sexy stripper as well... The thing is they're not considered "characters", they don't even have a name at all, which makes really hard to mention. And they're not as relevant as secondary and support characters.

sephiroth4201733d ago

lol they all look quite poor, but im sure noone really gives a fuck what these characters look like as they arnt really important, i think if one of the lead characters was a women then they wouldve added alot more detail.

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The story is too old to be commented.