Japan, Korea and China Lead Mobile Gaming in Asia

The mobile games market in Asia is starting up rapidly in South Korea and China with the uptake of smartphones. We estimate that the leaders in terms of billings have already reached monthly sales of the ¥1bn level, and that many titles now have sales that bear comparison with top-class native apps in Japan—apart from Puzzle & Dragons with its monthly sales exceeding ¥10bn.

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XB1_PS41793d ago

Paint me blue and call me sally, I thought it would've been Uzbekistan or Cambodia.

1793d ago
caseh1793d ago

Puzzle & Dragons makes a STUPID amount of money each month.

ShaunCameron1793d ago

Well, they're Asia's big 3. How can they not lead?

Klonopin1793d ago

Exactly. When it comes to gadget tech they're always ahead of the curve.

jeffgoldwin1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Well except for China. They cant use google internet. You can only use the government censored internet (no freedom of speech or gasp, porn) and they aren't allowed to sell gaming consoles there either.

Gotta love an oppressive communist government. /s

grimmweisse1793d ago

Release a f2p game so the adoption rate of a game is fast and bigger, use the stupid stamina recharge system, make it a card/puzzle game, make rares/legendaries almost impossible to earn useless you pay for them, make tons of money. Rinse and repeat!

Gungho and Line are raking in insane amounts each month. I have to admit Puzzle Dragon is quite fun, but when a game has a stamina system it puts me off!