Hayashi & Inafune: Yaiba, Ninja Gaiden & Next-Generation

Tecmo Koei Europe is set to launch the highly anticipated Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and prior to release they are keen to ensure that players know there’s a reason to keep hold of the current-generation consoles. Playable at the Eurogamer Expo last month, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z proved to be too much for many to handle, and Electronic Theatre recently sat down with Yosuke Hayashi and Keiji Inafune to find out why.

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princejb1341734d ago

i would like to buy this game but if they think this game is gonna keep me from selling my ps3 and jumping to next gen they have another thing coming
at this point no game is gonna stop me from getting a ps4

1734d ago
Seraphim1734d ago

You go right ahead and do just that. Personally I'll hang onto my dinosaur launch PS3. Just like I've held onto my NES, PS, and PS2 before it. Yeah yeah, shame on me for selling my Genesis, Super Nintendo, Saturn, Xbox, 360, etc.... I don't think anyone is saying this people won't sell their PS/360 just for this game. They're simply stating the team is making sure people understand there's a reason to hang onto them. More precisely making sure those who are on the fence about whether or not to part w/ their PS/360 might see this and realize they should hang onto them. No one here is saying people won't sell their PS/360 &/or won't jump into next gen simply because this game... 2 cents

Dante811734d ago

They should release 1,2, and maybe razor's edge on PC instead of this.

Deep-throat1734d ago

This will be the first bomba in 2014. Mark my words.

I don't mind a spinoff but this looks blaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.

fsfsxii1734d ago

Why does it look bad?? Because of the graphics?? Or because its different from the AAA garbage we get??

Deep-throat1734d ago

I didn't say it looks "bad", it looks bland. And it's pretty straight forward and hand holding.

fsfsxii1734d ago

You would only know that if you played the game ffs -__-

Grimhammer001734d ago

I want this!
But ps4....or forget it.

Seraphim1734d ago

Love it, "...It’s about making this universe come to life as a cohesive presentation here. And we think that this art style… we can do that with this art style. People will look at this, and they’ll have fun..."

I'd much rather have a new title in the series and while I'm not completely thrilled about the character design it does seem like a fresh and exciting title. In a generation of sequels, HD re-releases this is a warm welcome. Here's hoping it's truly a solid game we can have fun with.