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Wii VS GameCube Screenshot Comparison

Ngcfrance.com compares the screenshot graphics of game titles between Wii and Gamecube. (GameCube, Wii)

specialguest  +   3045d ago
MORE screenshot comparison on this site: http://www.ngcfrance.com/ne...

this is the actual source of the comparison.
specialguest  +   3045d ago
Thanks for the fix Mods.
Asylumchild  +   3045d ago
The grafics are worse then i thought
Grown Folks Talk  +   3045d ago
basically an xbox
with a fancy controller and nintendo games.
Marriot VP  +   3045d ago
wow these graphics are horrible compared to HD games on the 360 or PS3.

And I don't mean the gamecubes, the Wii's are horrible.
bszelda  +   3045d ago
and since when are graphics the most important aspect of a videogame?! Gameplay is E~V~E~R~Y~T~H~I~N~G! Would you like to have a videogame that has the WORST gameplay in the world in exchange for the absolute BEST graphics of all time?! I DON'T THINK SO! ;)

Nintendo and their awesome Wii ALL THE WAY!! The best gameplay out there! (who cares about graphics...'cuz I don't...) :)
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Marriot VP  +   3045d ago
wow, bszelda, you are in no way biased towards the wii.....look at your name.

But anyways I NEVER SAID GRAPHICS WERE MOST IMPORTANT, I never even said they were important. Once again people like you are determined to jump the gun because I make a remark about your console that isn't positive. Just give it a rest with going nuts over your console.

And you think Wii's gameplay is the best, so you say. But I doubt you've had the chance to play with the Wii....or how about this. Have you played the Wii for more than a half an hour or even an hour. If you do plan on buying one and playing with it for more than a hour, make sure to buy a sweat band and cancel your aerobics gym pass.

If you can't look at these screens and compare them to 360 and PS3 games in HD and don't admit the Wii pics look bad than your lying, or just delusional. Gameplay is important, DUH, do you think your Ghandi or something?
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Retard  +   3044d ago
Name a game that had horrible graphics? Alrite... Enough said.
specialguest  +   3045d ago
i think some of it looks like a very noticable improvement like Madden, CARS, and Sonic. other games looked sharper, but need some anti-alias.
Islandkiwi  +   3045d ago
I'm usually in the camp of graphics don't make the game, but I may have to adjust my thinking.

I'm sorry Wii, but I'm expecting a little better than that...especially with a 250 price tag.
rmgst  +   3045d ago
Dual Consoles
I think people will be sorely disappointed if they go the dual console route, ala Wii60/PSWii. Once you experience HD gaming there really is no going back. Hence my original XBOX is no relegated to playing DVD's in my study.

Nintendo really is trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by giving you a Gamecube with a new case and a yet to be proven fun interface (Wiimote), at a cost of more than double the Gamecube. Then selling you games you think you want to play for nostalgia reasons. Really, if I bought a Wii I would be at first excited to play Excitebike, but I have a feeling after 15-20 mins of playing it in Standard Definition on a 50" TV I would be bored out of my mind and feel cheated. Some people play games for endless hours on end, yet I can't see that happening if I am having to swing my arms around or hold my arm out and point at the screen being fun after any length of time.

Besides, all those old games can be played through an emulator on your PC and a PSP for free.

This doesn't make Nintendo stupid though, as they can take sub par hardware that is cheap to produce, sell you games that have basically zero production costs (SNES, N64), and laugh all the way to the bank.

To the person who said this is basically an XBox, there was an article on here long ago the listed the stats on the components in a Xbox, PS2, GameCube, and the Wii. The Xbox had the more powerful components out of all of them.

Anyway, the only 2 consoles that will be sitting in my living room will be my current Xbox360 and a PS3, but only when the PS3 proves it deserves to be there with amazing exclusives and proves that the Blu-Ray format will be here to stay.

Pooh on you Nintendo, I'm not sharing my cookies with you.
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bung tickler  +   3045d ago
i agree with you alot in what you said, i am a huge nintendo fan, please dont get me wrong. i simply feel a little let down with the price point, if it played dvd's (movies) and was like $199 i could justify buying one to replace my dvd player on my other tv, (my x360 and other sytems are on my main 50" samsung dlp) but at $250 for what is basically a beefed up gamecube (please dont lie to yourself, miyamoto himself said so) with a fancy, and NOT long game session friendly remote, i am better off just buying more 360 stuff. plus the draw many people have to the Wii because of the ability to play old games doesn't really matter to me because i have an official top loading original nintendo, an official version 2 snes mini, a n64, and a gamecube already hooked up to my tv as well, so if i wanna play excitebike i can, or if i want to play earthbound or super mario rpg i can, if i want to play zelda: ocarina of time or goldeneye 007 i can, if i want to play animal crossing or windwaker or even twilight princess when it is released i can. if i wanted to pretend i was playing baseball by swinging my arms about... well, i would go outside and play baseball. for now im waiting untill i feel the wii is actually a good deal.
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epter  +   3045d ago
O gosh
I just hope that it wont turn out like the eyetoy play games. I shoulda learned my lesson after getting the 2nd eyetoy game. I can already see myself getting bored after the first 2 mins. at least it the sexiest looking console out there :/
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Maddens Raiders  +   3045d ago

NintenDon't do it!!! --

I hear the argument out there from some of you, re: graphics aren't everything, but some of these games don't look any better than Super Smash Bros. on the 64 - and the 64 kicked @ss - A GENERATION AGO.
Retard  +   3044d ago
I get it!
spartan112g  +   3045d ago
Most of those games arent even finished. Im going to make an evaluation myself about the graphics because the graphics look better if you are actually looking at it on your tv.
zZoRk  +   3044d ago
But.. gameplay does come in 2nd and hella important. I believe those screenshots were taken in a way to make the wii look cheap and weak, but honestly I believe if some1 had taken that does not seem bias in their photography effort then we would see much nice graphics! and if you look closely the really dont look that bad!
ThomasDaGamer  +   3044d ago
I agree with some of your comment...
But in the title you're joking, right? It's not very funny if it is a joke.

But it isn't the best comparison as you're comparing a console that's over 4 years old to one that isn't even out yet. Anyway, I don't care how good the graphics are, as long as they're at least better than the GC's I'll be fine.
ChickeyCantor  +   3044d ago
PAUL CERULA? why you always start with WOW ?XD
anyhow...the screens are low quality i dont think this fair.
gameplay is evrything..how can GFX make a game good? a game always get a high rating becozz of the gameplay.or a low one if the gameplay SUCKS...not becozz it has nice GFX.
cozz we all know ZELDA is gonna have a high rating but you aint seeing HD images

but i agreed for the rest of your post
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Retard  +   3044d ago
~~~~ Must Read... Gameplay Vs. Graphics..
As my prime example I'll use Gears of War. Alrite, now get an image of it; now pretend it has horrible graphics. Wouldn't it just be another KillSwitch (Horrible game)?

I could go into detail, but oh well :D!
Haller  +   3044d ago
Wii = GC + new remote
8452  +   3044d ago
So . . .
Xbox360= Xbox+ better graphics
8452  +   3044d ago
So . . .
Xbox360= Xbox+ better graphics

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