Battlefield 4 news: trailer, mobile platforms and pre-load

GameSpace: "There is only a week left before the Battlefield 4 release date, and so the developers hot up the attention to their upcoming product. Today we are going to show you the next shooter's video with amazing explosions and also tell you a bunch of other exciting Battlefield 4 news."

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tyrant441798d ago Show
Flavor1798d ago

People just buy the same stuff over and over rewarding sloth... dumbed down twitch shooters where you unlock endless junk to mask the shallow, repetitive gameplay.

Kleptic1798d ago

The franchise is clearly centered around competitive multiplayer...expectations of 'innovation' from the crowd that doesn't get into the not relevant...

there is only so many ways you can play as a 'gun'...most of us who are fans of the series are more interested in the replayability that comes with multiplayer games, and only a handful of tweaks and adjustments to an already great formula...gtfo with 'dumbed down', BF4 is definitely one of the deeper competitive may not be a total reboot and change absolutely everything...but for a lot of us...that is not what we are looking for...

I mean wouldn't a racing game, platformer, open world game, all fall under your same canopy of ignorance?...its not like the industry has all kinds of new genres popping up regularly...the stuff that works remains popular...BF4 fits safely in to that...