Australia's gaming demographics and the problem of violence

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Yesterday, Australian industry body, iGEA, and Bond University, released the Digital Australia 2014 report. This report has been an annual release since 2005, and charts the demographics of people that play games within Australia, as well as their attitude towards games.

The full report can be found here, and it's worth a look if you're interested in statistics and the like; the author of the report, Dr. Jeff Brand, claimed that the demographics in Australia are similar to those throughout the world.

However, one statistic in particular stuck out for me; the greatest concern that parents have with regards to their children and games is violence. Not drug use, not sex (though that's certainly up there), but violence."

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JohnnyBadfinger1765d ago

I can't and never will understand the irrational fear parents have with violence. Men use to kill each other in front of crowds in the name of entertainment. But now we sit in our living rooms wiggling our thumbs playing imaginary (as my wife calls them) people and some how that is exposing young kids to violence... Every hour those kids spend playing a video game is another hour people are safe from their "violent behaviour". It's all a matter of perspective.