BloodBath Confirmed for European Release

German Publisher UIG Entertainment and Spanish development studio Freedom Factory have confirmed that BloodBath will be made available in Europe. Announced last month, the forthcoming brutal third person hack-n’-slash videogame is currently in development for PC and consoles.

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insomnium21674d ago

Cool...? I think.... Looked like a PS2 game tbh but whatever.

Ravenor1673d ago

Nah, that's just what budget current gen games look like.

1673d ago
ATi_Elite1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

WOW 6 different characters, OMG So many choices!

I'm gonna have to blow the dust off my Dreamcast and fire this bad boy up!

What? What do you mean this is not a Dreamcast game because it sure as heck looks like one.

PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360 you have got to be joking! This must be one of those games you get free for winning Thophies in other games cause I can NOT see anyone spending money on this.

Funniest part about the video is the :22 second mark when the announcer says "Compete in MP beat'em up" and it shows two characters stuck together doing nothing!

Then "Battle in Arenas all around the world" then they show:
A Warehouse A Rock Pit A Courtyard at a Swap Meet, this could be any small town in America.

I'm sorry but the MAIM Event looks like a LAME Development!

thejigisup1673d ago

The number of characters isn't really important so long as it's fun. Dynasty warriors has 2.5 billion characters but it's not entirely necessary 1 bil would suffice, just hoping the game isn't a bargain bin version of other tried and true consistent hack n slashers. I like that genre it's dying so a knockout would be welcome to stimulate that genre a bit

Enemy1673d ago

Just like Killer Instinct on Xbone.