Analyst: Wii Fit advertising killing Nintendo hardcore crowd

Analyst Michael Pachter is now synonymous with his predictions of the videogames world, and today the Wedbush Morgan employee has cast his eye over Nintendo's Wii advertising, specifically that for Wii Fit - complaining that it is killing off the console's hardcore crowd.

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TruthbeTold3886d ago

What an idiot. When are people going to realize that stuff like Wii Fit (don't know if I'm ready exactly to call it a game yet) is bringing new people into the gaming world. Even if some mother buys Wii Fit and never plays another video game, the very idea of Video games has become acceptable and o.k. in her mind for her kids. Thus, she will buy them the games that THEY request regardless of whether she wants to play them.

Many gamers will buy Wii Fit out of curiosity, or in hopes that cool games come out in the future which use it (and likely they will come). The casual crowd will buy it, and many of them will see for the first time the rest of the gaming world and consider it. Unless something like this, which attracts them and pulls them in, they'd never even care about gaming.

The children who play kiddie games on the Wii, the Teens and young adults who play party and casual games, many of them will become hardcore as they learn to love gaming and seek something different, or more serious. This benefits the entire industry in the long run. As long as the Hardcore keep buying serious games, Developers will never stop making them. As long as new gamers are being brought in, new crops of the Hardcore will continue to sprout. Wii Fit is expanding the market, not hurting it. (Unless of course you consider games that you personally dislike to be inherently bad for gaming, which is pathetically arrogant and selfish.)

Most of the people who buy Wii Fit (The Oprah Crowd) would likely never have considered video games in the first place, their kids will play the hell out of the console when they aren't using it, and one day, they will want and get more serious games.

Nintendo has already come out with a Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, Mario Kart and Smash Bros game for the Wii in its first year and a half. Not only can they afford currently to try something like Wii Fit to bring new gamers in, and experiment with a different style of gaming, they have no intention of halting their creation of classic Nintendo hardcore style games. New Kid Icarus, Pikmin, Zelda, and Pokemon games are in the works right now.

I'm sick of hearing people make these false statements just because they personally don't like the idea of Wii Fit. Most of those people probably don't own, or plan to own a Wii anyway. Why feel threatened? You have your 1080p, your shooters where you aim with your thumbs, your realistic racers, and smooth epic RPG's with no end in sight. Be happy and quit hating. Nintendo is building up the gaming crowds numbers, and all will benefit. Eventually.

Coke-a-Cola3885d ago

Cash in on Peoples Vanity .

In the " end " just as it is with so many of these silly exorcise things it will be found in the yard sale.

Sev3885d ago

Its not going to bring new people to gaming. Its just to give moms more of a reason to buy one for their kids. They figure "I can use it for weight loss, and the kids can play their games".

I will be damned if any of these moms playing Wii Fit, will suddenly start playing Twilight Princess, or Super Mario Galaxy. Its just not going to happen. They might try Wii Sports, but they arent going to spend hours playing that. Also I am not sure if you can call that a game, its more of a Wiimote demo. Same with Wii Play.

Personally for me Wii Fit is just another slap to us hardcore.
Nintendo already has kicked the hardcore to the side with the Wii.

I own a Wii, and its the least played console I have EVER owned.

I will play it every now and again because my wife loves Mario games.

I have owned every single Nintendo console they have ever released (damn virtual boy) and since owning the Wii, I have a very bad taste in my mouth from Nintendo. If their next console is like the Wii, I will DEFINITELY be passing on that.

jtucker783885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I'm not saying you're wrong.
Perhaps the Wii is bringing more people to the gaming market, but as someone that has grown up owning every Nintendo system, I felt really disappointed with the Wii. Enough to sell it and jump ship to Sony.

I'm not interested Nintendo's new direction. Wii Sports....
Brain Games... Wii fit.... That's great for the kids, grannies etc, but me?
That is the demographic Nintendo have in their sights. Not me.

I love the Nintendo franchises, but there is only so many times I can play the same Zelda, Smash brothers, Kart, just repackaged.

Look at kart. All skill elements have been completely removed, and it can't offer me anything now. I'm not interested in a free-for-all party game.

I can't speak for other non-casuals but Nintendo has lost me.

Who knows, maybe they'll get me back next generation, but for now I've sold all my Wii kit on ebay and am looking forward to GTA4.

Maybe I'll see you in a few years Nintendo. That is, if you decide you want to earn some of my money.
For a start you can fill your console full of hardware that justifies its price. Hardware that will run something higher than a PS2 port.

BrotherNick3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

It's obvious the grannies and mom's won't play hardcore games, you guys feel like you're betrayed cause they're not paying attention on you. Well you didn't pay attention to them, why fight in a losing market...that's the dumbest thing a company can do. They had the best graphics of all the systems, yet they were in last place last generation. I am guessing they said screw the hardcore because the hardcore doesn't want them anymore. I'm happy with Nintendo and what they've been doing, and the whiners are the ones being screwed. Oh well, us Nintendo fans have our franchises and we're happy. :)

3885d ago
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PS360WII3885d ago

Yeah I'm sorry but one game aimed at the non gamer is not going to turn away leigons of the hardcore. If that was the case then Singstar, DDR, GH, Buzz, and many more casual games would of killed off all those hardcore PS2 fans.

KyonoRocks3885d ago

DDR is hardcore to the max

BeaArthur3885d ago

The bottom line is that hardcore gamers will continue to play games they like. If you think something like Wii Fit is going to keep people from playing Zelda then this guy is even dumber than he appears. Hardcore gamers don't need advertising, we already know more about a game than any advertising campaign could ever tell us.

bootsielon3885d ago

I thought they died the moment people realized about Wii's specs.

rwalrond3885d ago

When will this crap ever end? I know everybody experiences are different but I went out and purchased a Wii when it first came out, started playing some games with the kids, started liking games again after 15 years, thought, maybe I should get myself an X360 or PS3 and try out these "hardcore" games. So I did, now not only do I play the Wii but I'm playing Rainbow six on my PS3 as well. Guess what? When Wii Fit comes out I'm buying that too, am I alone on this one guys? Is it possible that the Wii can help casual gamers become more hardcore? Come find me on Rainbow six and figure it out for yourself.

jtucker783885d ago

I think you're in a minority...

cityofgod3885d ago

agree with 4.1, I know too many people who own a wii whose experience is completely different from yours.

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