Official Xbox One and Kinect 2 Dimensions Revealed

Exactly a month time period is left for the arrival of Microsoft upcoming next-gen Xbox console, Xbox One. Fans will be setting up their living room area or entertainment center for Xbox One and for that they definitely needs to have a knowledge of Xbox One and Kinect 2 Dimensions.

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2cents1514d ago

3.1" in height, 10.8" wide and 13.1" deep

That's not so big. What the hell was everyone bitching about?

Septic1514d ago

It actually isn't.

"What the hell was everyone bitching about?" My exact thoughts when I first saw it at Gamescom.

Raiden1514d ago

Only bitching are from PSFAN end of.

4Sh0w1514d ago

Well you know the way it works, its bigger than ps4 so its bad because its bulky. If it would have been smaller than ps4 it would be bad cause its garaunteed to overheat or it looks cheap. You cant win, I think they both have a very appealing design, love how they look so different because alot about both hardware and features are very similar but fanboys ironically cant appreciate both.

SonyNGP1514d ago

Because they look at comparisons and think that it's a big deal (no pun intended). It's as dumb as the whole power brick argument (which shouldn't be one to begin with).

famoussasjohn1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Power brick isn't a major concern because I haven't seen mine in over 3 years since I set up my console.

If for any reason the power brick stops working, at least this one is a whole lot easier of replacing the one on the PS4. Things break or die after a while, so at least it's one of the easier things to replace.

TRD4L1fe1514d ago

It's just that people needed something to complain about


it's hard to explain.. when you see a picture of the machine on it's own it looks massive.

when you see the machine in the flesh, it really is not that big at all.

malokevi1514d ago

Too big. Preorder cancelled. And I'm throwing my Xbox360 off a tall building. Also I'm going to hunt down Ms employees and tickle their ballz from behind. Then I'll run away giggling. HEHEHEHEHEHE!

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Gridloc1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )
PS4 and Xbox one size comparisons

Ron_Danger1514d ago

Is it always necessary to bring up the PS4 in an article with only MS and XBox One tags?? And vice/ versa??

GarrusVakarian1514d ago

This is a videogame news website, expect to hear all kinds of videogame talk. He's just giving a link to a comparison that some people might find interesting. He isn't trolling or being immature, so what's the problem?

GryestOfBluSkies1514d ago

heres the joke.

heres you.

right over your head!

Raiden1514d ago

Why can't people just be happy to be able have two console side by side, STOP BITCHING AND PLAY ON.


Ron_Danger1514d ago


It's because the actual article that this comment section is for never mentions anything Sony related. The article is a news piece about MS hardware and people still feel the need to turn it into a Sony vs MS debate.

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GarrusVakarian1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Wow, that last pic. How the hell is the PS4 so small?

Magic i tells ya!

The Xbox really isn't as big as i remember thinking it was.....

BX811514d ago

I like the Xbox won design better. The ps4 looks too artsy for me, or maybe an eraser. Maybe I think eraser= school= math finals this week..... Oh my brain hurts.


I don't think its that the xb1 is sooo BIG...but rather the ps4 being so small.

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Septic1514d ago

Yeah the PS4's dimensions are just crazy. Hats off to Sony. I don't know how they managed that.

MiHX21514d ago

If they manage to avoid overheating problems,I will give them extreme claps.

BattleTorn1514d ago

Interesting that it seems they've made the Kinect cord significantly longer

BG115791514d ago

I don't think will wait long before we get jokes about the size of the console.
I can imagine now: "Your console is so fat, it's so fat, that in order to run games properly it needs servers from the cloud."...

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