Target giving out $100 eGiftCard to those who pre-ordered Watch_Dogs PS4/Xbox One bundle

Watch_Dogs delay did a lot more harm than good. It was supposed to be released with PlayStation 4/Xbox One in a bundle offer but after its delay, customers who pre-ordered a PS4/Xbox One with Watch_Dogs had to settle on one without Watch_Dogs. Target seems to be offering lot more than a simple apology.

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Majin-vegeta1799d ago

Keep.the game on pre order and get another game or a yeara worth of PS+ what more could you ask for?

xHeavYx1798d ago

Damn, I wish I had pre-ordered through Target

MWong1798d ago

Man if you would've ordered an XBone combo that is great because it would make it the same price as the PS4 bundle.

Soldierone1798d ago

No, because you paid extra for the game. It would only bring it down 40 dollars at the end.

xHeavYx1798d ago

But if you had pre-ordered the PS4 you would still get $100

PSnation41798d ago

decieving title.. theres no FACTS to this story..

hazardman1798d ago

Seems kind of high. I mean Amazon doing $10 for same thing. Idk but if its true good for those who went thru Target. Cant wait tho a few more weeks for next gen to start!