Directors Cut: Ellen Page naked in Beyond: Two Souls

Probably, even while you read this article Sony is searching the web high and low in an effort to take down leaked images of a “nude” Ellen Page. Academy Award nominated actress Ellen Page, who until this day hasn’t appeared naked in any movie production is probably not pleased to see her naked likeness on the internets.

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Persistantthug1729d ago

Sony doesn't own the damn internet.

Keep this going.

Dorfdad1730d ago

FYI there is no video linked in article just click bait

italkgame1730d ago

Don't lie please people will resent you for it. There is a Video within the article.

elnacho1730d ago

There's a video. But obviously it doesn't show any nudity. Not sure what dorfdad was expecting here.

SegaGamer1729d ago

It's not really her though.