Titanfall Releasing On The PS4 An Inevitability?

Pashford Murano comments on some remarks made by Major Nelso, and how Titanfall's timed exclusivity will help the Xbox One, and merely delay the inevitable of it's PS4 release.

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sinncross1728d ago

The president of EA said that "The shooter rotation we think about now is Battlefield, Titanfall and Battlefront, and so we like those three brands going forward,"

There is no way that Titainfall, being part of this rotation for EA is not going to go multiplatform to as many devices as possible. I figure it is indeed timed exclusive as far as next gen consoles go.

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EZMickey1728d ago

Basically, Titanfall won't make as much money as Battlefield or Call of Duty even if it turns out to be the Second Coming of Shooters, because it's a new IP and that's expected.

So EA stands to make more money from Titanfall if it's exclusive because Microsoft is paying that difference. When Titanfall 2 is due, EA will look at how popular the first game was and weigh up how much money can be made from making it multiplatform vs how much Microsoft is willing to pay. In all likelihood, Microsoft will still get the opportunity to call dibs on Titanfall 2, but if this really turns out to be the next Golden Egg that the proverbial (ex) Infinity Ward goose hath laid, it will probably be multiplatform unless Microsoft is willing to pay.

We'll know for sure in a year if Respawn starts hiring PS4 developers.

iamnsuperman1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

"So EA stands to make more money from Titanfall if it's exclusive because Microsoft is paying that difference"

Well no. To pay that difference Microsoft would have to pay a lot. So much that it just wouldn't make sense for Microsoft. Microsoft has money but not to the extent to blow that much on a full exclusivity from an EA game. Hence timed exclusive. It cost a lot less but it still has a good effect. That is what we will see.

About timed exclusive with Titanfall 2 it depends on sales of the consoles and how much each want to pay for it. EA is essentially whoring the Titanfall ip

soljah1728d ago

so why would anyone really jacked up for titan fall buy a xbox for it?
the pc version will be the definitive version with the x1 version a gimped port. the only shot for a console port that will be close to pc is the ps4. and i am sure that will even be a downgrade from the pc

CYCLEGAMER1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

You are correct, if Titanfall comes to the ps4 it will be in 2015 or 2016, or it will have titanfall 2. Unless MS pays to keep it exclusive.

Edit: I hope you all know that this game was offered to Sony FIRST but they turned it down because they do not have the infrastructure to support the game properly. Maybe they will be able to figure something out down the road.

Damn you guys seem to love the xb1's

ThatCanadianGuy5141728d ago


Titanfall isn't an Xbone exclusive.It is playable on two other platforms.

CYCLEGAMER1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

LMAo...that is such a weak argument.

Titanfall is not on the wii U or ps4, which makes it a MS exclusive. It will be a completely different game on the 360, as an outside source is working on the online for the 360. So what is your point?

There are petitions out there for Ryse, DR3, titanfall, sunset overdrive, and killer instinct.

The thirst is

ThatCanadianGuy5141728d ago

It's not even an argument.It's a fact.

It is playable on 360 and the best version, PC.How does that make it exclusive to xbone?

You're the one with the weak arguement.It went from being xbone exclusive to MS exclusive in one comment to the next.

The way you guys cut and run with your excuses is incredible.

UltimateMaster1728d ago

EA goes where there's money.
They're like sharks who smells blood in the water and are drawn to it.
And with the sheer amount of PS4 sold, they will not want to ignore those numbers.

P0werVR1728d ago


For anyone exagerating that even with bad preorders for Xbox One, that it will be on PS4 earlier. Well, your wrong!

With Xbox 360 and PC versions releasing same time with Xbox One. EA will not be hampered by the small sales of PS4 overall when it's selling substantially well or better on PC on 360.

Ask yourselves...who paid for the ported version of Xbox 360?!

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iamnsuperman1728d ago

Gears of war was published by Microsoft. Titanfall is being published by EA. Huge difference here and the reason why Gears never made it to the PS3

UncleGermrod1728d ago

I have heard before that technically, Epic could find a way to take gears multiplat. Same type of situation (epic actually owns the Gears IP, not MS), but in the case of titanfall, the publisher has something to gain from releasing on other platforms and so it may happen. Either way, if I can be playing Titanfall, Gears, Halo by 2015, between those and CoD, I will prob just grow a jesus beard and become morbidly obese and wear the same sweater and become allergic to sun light

The Meerkat1728d ago

I would cry tears of joy if Gears makes it to the PS4

CRAIG6671728d ago

I am pretty certain Gears will be multiplat next gen, otherwise it seems odd Microsoft have kept schtum about it...

MWong1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Well technically that always can change, depending on what the developer has rights to. For example the original Mass Effect was published by M$ Studios back in 2007. Which was later ported to the PS3, by Edge of Reality Studios/EA.

Yes it's rare, but it sometimes happens. But on topic if you didn't know TF wasn't coming over to PS4 then you don't know EA. EA is about all about $$$$.

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showtimefolks1728d ago

as someone who is only buying one next gen console(PS4) how much will it matter if it comes full year after it releases on xbox one and pc?

most without xbox one will play it on PC, so while its likely it will release on ps4, i don't think its gonna make a difference either way. One thing is for sure EA was in bed with sony before and now they are with MS so expect the unexpected

I read a really nice article back in February and the author predicted something really different, he said talking within the gaming industry rumor has it that some of the mid size publishers will be bought out, now think about how many mid publishers/developers there are, and how expensive development is becoming. Could we really see both ms and sony and even nintendo buy some studios outright?

RS aren't that big
CD red project

just to name a few, sony and ms are serious about competing and will do whatever it takes to gain the edge, it will be really interesting to see how everything unfolds this gen

mixelon1728d ago

Although MS have EA's ear right now, I think EA are probably in bed with both Sony and MS, and we'll see them jumping back and forth between the two over the next gen.

Even if they're a bit slower on the Sony side, timed exclusives have never bothered me.. If the spec speculation is right too, the later versions for ps4 should be both technically superior and benefitting of any bug-fixes that the x1 version received.

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Beastforlifenoob1728d ago

IDK why but I'm awaiting Destiny far more than this game (as in my Sci-fi gaming fix)

Clarence1728d ago

I can tell you why. It's more going on in destiny in terms story development and character development. Titanfall is just cod with mechs. It's a run & gun shooter.

Silver3601728d ago

Strange thought, but how about they finish the game and test it on xblive before they start thinking about PS4 ports. It is something of a new idea for a console game, being only online. I am sure there will be a ton of glitches and lag they are going only be able to figure out during game play. As for PS4 they will have they same opportunity they had in the beginning, provide servers and they will get the game. Only difference is now EA will most likely want the servers for free.

KillaManiac1728d ago

Socom Confrontation says hi.

Silver3601728d ago

Are you guys trying to be funny or are you deliberately misunderstanding my question. Of course everyone knows Sony has servers. The question asked is will they provide them to EA for free? EA Doesn't have to pay for this on MS side so why should they pay on Sony side?

Godoftheweek1728d ago

Perhaps you should RE-read your comment.

"It is something of a new idea for a console game, being only online."

As you can see by multiple examples, online only games on consoles are not new, at least for Playstation they are not.

Silver3601728d ago

It is still a new idea. A few games does not make it a standard practice and the question i asked has still not been even attempted to answered.

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come_bom1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

PS4 fanboys said that Titanfall was a average shooter and that they didn't care about the game. Now all of a sudden they want the game of the PS4.

fanboys! * sigh *

Hicken1728d ago

Hey, I keep seeing these generalizations. How about you point out the fanboys that called the game "meh" and are now saying they want it?

Oh, that's right. You can't, cuz they weren't actually the same people.

GirlOnFire1728d ago

When it comes to PS4 it maybe free with Plus. So who wouldn't want to try an free game?
Microsoft is in trouble because they have few games Halo, Ryse, Forza, and Fable. I'm hoping for you that Microsoft pulls out more money to buy more exclusive titles then I'll consider getting an X1. I'll be happy with Infamous, The Order 1886, Driveclub, God of War, Uncharted, Last of Us, Quantum Dreams games, Socom, Little Big Planet, Knack, Twisted Metal, Killzone, Heavenly Sword, Wipeout, Warhawk/Starhawk, and more games possible sequels or continuations. ^~^
Xbox One has Ryse, Halo, Forza, Fable, Kameo, Perfect Dark, and Kinect games. I didn't name the timed exclusives like Titanfall and Dead Rising.

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Saithraphim1728d ago

I agree, if MS could have gotten an exclusivity deal for this title they would have went after AND gotten it already. Titan Fall will be multiplatform, the real question is how long its going to take.

JuniorCE1727d ago

Unfortunately, xbone fanboys still in denial...

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zeal0us1728d ago

This is being publish by the same company that once said Mass Effect would never hit PS3. Lo and behold its 2013 and every Mass Effect console game has hit the PS3.

MS more than like only paid for time exclusivity. For how long though no one knows.

EZMickey1728d ago

EA is publishing Titanfall; When did EA ever say Mass Effect wouldn't be on PS3?

Microsoft published Mass Effect 1 and it was never published on PS3. It's only available through the Mass Effect Trilogy which was EA's only way around it, but they will still never publish Mass Effect 1 on PS3 by itself because they can't.

Similarly, if Microsoft were publishing Titanfall on Xbox One, it would never get published on PS3 and that would be an advertised fact, however, EA's publishing Titanfall, so Microsoft won't say anything so brazen.

HollowZbankai1728d ago

mass effect can be bought on psn for $15. ALONE. just thought id throw that out there lol

EZMickey1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Well then EA obviously paid for the publishing rights, didn't they?

The point remains that EA never made any claim of Mass Effect not appearing on PS3.

EZMickey1728d ago

Obviously I don't know what I'm talking about right? That's why no one's posted a link to where I can buy a physical copy of Mass Effect 1 for PS3. :/

black0o1728d ago

dude just accept it .. u are not the 1st to be proofed wrong

HollowZbankai1728d ago

i was just correcting you, as you said ea "worked around" the publishing by doing the trilogy. also i can get the trilogy pretty cheap right now. do you ever see a $15 unopened game? why would they make a disc version for $20 when sumone could buy the trilogy for a few bucks more? it makes sense to have it a dl. also, im sure if its acceptable to publish it digitally they'd have no problems getting the disc version out there.

Lovable1728d ago

Lol Freddy just stop man. It's just hurt to see you get eaten with whatever point you're trying to prove.

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Majin-vegeta1728d ago

It's coming I know it,you know it,the world knows it hell even the pope knows it.

ZodTheRipper1728d ago

And everybody would be surprised if it's not. This is just a matter of time, the PS4 version is probably being worked on already - maybe even parallel to the XB1 verison.

AceBlazer131728d ago

maybe it aleady exists and they're waiting for the contract to expire. could care less either way not supporting timed exclusives this gen, nothing but a bad business practice that should die.

Narutone661728d ago

Not a fan of FPS, but if it ever releases on the PS4, will probably includes all the DLC at a much cheaper price. Something like Mass Effect series.

HappyWithOneBubble1728d ago

Even Cell and Majin Buu knows it in which you should have beaten Vegeta but you too cocky man.

Crossbones1728d ago

I don't care too much for it, but I thinks its obvious they're going to delay it to the Fall of 2014 and launch it on PS3 & PS4 as well.

quinten4881728d ago

Sony will rule gaming once again.

thrust1728d ago

Getting games a year later is not ruling!

ZodTheRipper1728d ago

Yes, but - regularly getting other games from the worlds best developers exclusively tailored for your platform, is. And that's exactly what'll happen in the coming years.