10 Best Batman Games

Arcade Sushi: With Batman: Arkham Origins arriving via Batplane just before Halloween, we would like to take the time to remember the Dark Knight’s greatest pixelated stories. Like his cinematic history, Batman’s gaming library has its fair share of ups and downs. We are presenting this list of the 10 Best Batman Games in order to remember what makes a quality title starring the Caped Crusader. Combined with our list of 10 Characters We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Origins, we’re looking forward to seeing how Warner Bros. Games Montréal will continue in the big boots of the Bat. The Dark Knight is the hero that gaming needs but doesn’t deserve, so let us pay homage with our list of the 10 Best Batman Games.

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Stuart57561792d ago

I'm really sorry about this but Arkham Asylum is my number one, it was just so good and a very welcome revival, a stellar job by Rocksteady, so fresh and unexpected. Very happy memories playing it, City is really really good too though but less of a pleasant surprise, we all knew by then how good it would be, Asylum though... who was expecting that really?

Bravo Rocksteady, what are you working on right now?