Deus Ex: Human Revolution Composer Michael McCann Reveals The Secrets Of His Future World.

Sumthing writes:

In honor of tomorrow’s release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, Geno sits down with composer Michael McCann to discuss scoring the game.

Geno: Deus Ex: HR’s post-apocalyptic theme, I imagine, is something composers would shy away from. It must be truly difficult to carve out a space of one’s own, with all that has been recorded in that vein over the last thirty years. You went far beyond the measure of a small confined space, and multiplied your vastly singular sound to fill an entire living, breathing world. Only you could have created this. It’s truly remarkable, and your work on this project is unlike anything done before or since in the genre.
Did you feel any amount of trepidation going into the initial scoring runs for Deus Ex: HR? Did your rough sketches differ vastly from the final set of compositions? What was that initial call like, the one asking you to join the project?
Michael McCann:
Yes – this was a concern of mine from the very beginning. Alt...

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