Titanfall interview: 'This game has to be perfect'

MMGN sat down with producer Drew Mccoy to talk robots, map design, and the pressures of the next generation.

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Bigpappy1796d ago

Someone was saying that there is no way EA will let their games run on M$ servers.

Well here is your answer:
Drew McCoy: Out of E3 we briefly said, “Yeah, we’re using the new cloud thing it’s going to be cool,” but no one knew what it was or what it does. We’re using it for stuff that other studio’s COULD use it for -- but basically what it boils down is, Microsoft has data centers all of the world, with tonnes of servers in them, just sitting in a giant pool of resources that we can say, “Hey, you’re in Germany and you want to play? Here’s a German server for you”. It dynamically allocates German servers for you based on where you’re playing from.

MMGN: So it’ll help it delivering a better online experience?

Drew McCoy: Yeah, it will.

AngelicIceDiamond1796d ago

@Majin Umm "We started this project before these plans were locked down, so we didn't dare fiddle too much with it. Also, we're not Xbox One exclusive, so we needed a solution that would work on all platforms. We're on five platforms, so we need something that's Battlefield, not Xbox One."

DICE has always used there own servers and dedicated online tech/features. Therefor aren't in need of MS resources.

But Titan on the other had are taking advantage XBLC.

DICE has always

MorePowerOfGreen1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Why did you post that? Dice doesn't wan't to use Azure because BF4 is on many none MSFT platforms and the development of BF4 came too late to use MSFT's servers.

What does a Titanfall, that was built from the ground up to use cloud compute servers from MSFT have to do with BF4, built to use EA's servers?

I could use two EA games using two different server networks against your supposed point.

Two different game designs. I'm not sure how a game being exclusive to one company due to their advanced technology is discredited because another didn't and/or couldn't do the same.

You fail. Titanfal is not coming to PS4. Saying anything else at this point is wishful thinking and assumption.

You better pray only the beta etc. is announced tomorrow and not a deal of IP purchase as well. Some multi platform devs will be using MSFT's servers like Activision and Ubisoft for some of their games.

Hope and pray MSFT's competition builds a network with advanced servers on par with MSFT or they will be left in the dust. Pray the competition finds a way to over come the XB1's built from the ground up hardware designed to use this tech, to enhance the console's performance with bigger and better next gen games.

BozoLoco1796d ago

Well, he did say they would use them, just didn't say when :P

Legacy2121796d ago

You are the biggest troll on n4g when it comes to xbox articles. I remember reading your comments about killzone having trur dedicated servers and boasting about it only to be proven wrong.killzone doesnt have true dedicated servers just upgraded p2p servers. Dont you got anything better to do then to troll all day and try to prove your point by posting deliberate misleading articles. Dice said they wont use it from day one doesnt mean they cant switch servers after.

ssj271796d ago

Killzone has dedicated servers.. there is not such a things updated p2p servers or fake dedicated servers.

Legacy2121795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Taken straight from the mmouths of Guerilla

Killzone Shadow Fall has dedicated servers hosted in various regions around the world. These servers do not run the logic of the game – they only act as a hub between the clients, forwarding network traffic from one player in game to all other players in game. This allows people with a slower connection or strict firewall settings to play without issues. Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4, with only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic) running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality.

running shooting damage calculation is done on a ps4 console thats not true dedicated servers it still has host advantage. Too much misinformation going on in n4g

H0RSE1796d ago

People will swear up and down that Titanfall is coming to PS4, citing that EA would never miss out on all those sales, but, and I stated this before, perhaps staying with MS has more to do with necessity than choice. Perhaps Sony simply cannot offer the resources Respawn requires and MS can. Besides, Respawn owns the ip, not EA.

Kurt Russell1796d ago

I hope you're wrong... I do want to play this game :)

Volkama1796d ago

Sony might not be able to offer the resources, but EA probably can. It might not be so cost effective and/or there may be a little more latency, but they could well run their own servers for a PS4 version.

That wont diminish the game at all.

Soldierone1795d ago

EA didn't sign a deal to not make money off it. Publishing games is not a charity. Respawn owns the rights to the game, but EA gets to decide where it goes. IF Respawn doesn't like it, they can leave after their contract is up (which is probably around 3 games)

Its not about resources, 360 doesn't have the resources so why not just send that "dumbed down" version over to AT LEAST PS3 too? We all know the PS3 has all the resources of 360 and then some, let alone the PS4..... The answer, its clearly a timed exclusive.

And again with the resources subject, PS3 offered various things as resources. Blu-ray discs, standard hard drives, etc.... Yet developers still worked around those things to port games to 360. So why should "hybrid servers" hold a game back? Just simplify the online....

And in response to your comment below, EA didn't have rights to Mass Effect 1 since MS co-funded the game with Bioware. They spent the money to port it to PS3.

H0RSE1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )


Cool story, but you forgot the part about Sony having the chance to pickup Titanfall but couldn't, due to them not being able to "deliver the goods," so to speak. Also, about your xbox 360 assumptions - Respawn is using MS's cloud technology for that platform as well. In an article, Respawn Entertainment engineer Jon Shiring writes the following:

"The cloud services aren’t limited to Xbox One games either, and Respawn uses them for the Windows PC and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall as well. Respawn approached both Sony and Microsoft about this problem, and Microsoft was the one to implement a solution,"

This isn't to say that Titanfall won't come to PS4 later, but as it now, it is not, so stop kicking yourself trying to find evidence that a PS4 version is inevitable, and just live with the fact that until Respawn and/or EA says otherwise, Sony is not getting this game.

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1796d ago
otherZinc1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I hope the Titanfall Devs don't think gamers don't want a single player game!

They need to explain that online Story Mode. Some of us don't play multiplayer all day like that anymore. A lot of us like to enjoy the games by ourselves from time to time.

Titanfall can be online all the time, that's fine, however, many would like to play solo.

I hope the next interview would ask Titanfall devs to elaborate on the single player story campaign. I'm sure co-op will be there & that's great.

Irishguy951796d ago

If you don't like Multi anymore or don't want play multi for whatever reason, Titanfall won't be for you. I believe when this game comes to PS4 it will be my multi game for a long time to come. I have my RPG's for single player.

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Stuntz1796d ago

Titanfall chose Microsoft for the simple fact that they deliver a much better online gaming experience. If you cannot render that through your minds just go to sleep lol. The devs have came out and even said it, what is it you fail to understand? This game is not going to PS4 EVER, go read the interview on the Respawn dev he specifically praises what they are able to do on Microsoft's servers that cant be done elsewhere.

Majin-vegeta1796d ago

When asked blatantly whether or not the game would hit the PS4. " its definitely not out of the question " was the answer.

You were saying?

Stuntz1796d ago

Step one: Go to and type in Titanfall twitter.
Step two: read their tweet where just 2 days ago they post saying that Titanfall is only coming to X1, 360, and PC. Anymore proof needed?

1796d ago
Stuntz1796d ago

I have to admit though it is quite funny to see PS4 buyers whimper and dream that one day they will get Titanfall :P Funny stuff keep dreaming suckas.

B-radical1796d ago

It's more likely to release on ps4 when they get there cloud shite together. And that's if the ps4 cloud has the toolset of azure. Remember that titanfall just isn'tusing the cloud for dedi servers

corvusmd1796d ago

You know....with all the XB1 exclusives that PS4 Fanboys want to'd think they'd get smart and just get an XB1... this argument never goes the other don't see tons of XB1 fanboys trolling PS4 articles saying "I hope Order comes to XB1" ...not to mention they seem to forget that it's a totally online game...and why would you want to wait over a year to play it late on a vastly inferior network? If you're a true gamer, buy an XB1 and play it the way it was intended..AND now you can play all the other XB1 exclusives...AND use the XB1 for all MP/Sanbox/MMO type games and use your PS4 for single player games...seems like a no brainer...but no...PSZombies are so dedicated to being trolls they can't even see straight anymore

Mike134nl1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I hope titanfall will come to the ps4 in the future that way more people will be able to enjoy it. Would also be interesting to see how titanfall without similar cloud support would work out on the ps4.

Respawn talked with both with sony and microsoft and in the end only Microsoft was able to deliver on a promise of "hundreds-of-thousands of dedicated servers at a price point that you can’t get right now".
In the end if it is possible on the pc it should also be possible on the ps4 (pc version uses different server binary on the pc compared to the xb1 servers)

Irishguy951796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Final Fantasy Versus XIII - PS3 only worldwide

Umhum. It is currently not announced to be coming to PS4. That doesn't mean jack ****.

Now. Can someone please explain to me whats so special about Cloud that it completely negates the possibility of PS4? I have heard Respawn saying Cloud is good and the MS saying Cloud is necessary, however WHAT in the world makes Titanfall so much different than any other multiplayer game with regards to P2P versus Dedicated servers vs Cloud? Please someone explain to me.

Look, Titanfall looks amazing because of the control scheme and fluidity/jumping etc and general gameplay, but that is COMPLETELY due to gameplay design. There is nothing to indicated Titanfall is in anyway needed more technical or Networking horsepower than any other game. Please prove me wrong and i'll not question it. Again I haven't seen the reason for all this cloud hype. I've only seen the hype.

Volkama1796d ago

Irishguy, the server hosts all of the AI and possibly some other processes.

That would pose a problem for P2P as you'd need to put a significant demand on the "host", and you'd have to reserve a chuck of CPU cycles across the board because anyone can potentially host.

They need servers. It doesn't need to be Microsoft's cloud, it doesn't need to be any cloud. Cloud is cost effective and great for availability and geographical location, but you could just spend more on simple dedicated servers performing the same function.

If Respawn/EA want to release the game on the PS4 they can set up servers and release it.

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Idba1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

they said Titanfall will ARRIVE on xbox360,xbone and pc. They never said it will ONLY come to those platforms and they didnt say it wont come to ps4 either. Also if Titanfall is build for the powah of tha cloudz, why is it coming to pc?

EDIT; Also they've only had the game playable on PC. It has not been played on the xbox yet

1796d ago
B-radical1796d ago

pc is using the cloud :/

It is not known what 360 will yet possibly p2p

BBBirdistheWord1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@ Idba


"Titanfall will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC"

This could mean many things. I certainly would not rule out the possibility that the game might also 'arrive' on ps4 at a later date.

On the other hand, we can't rule out that it won't!

Ambiguous tweet is ambiguous.

Soldierone1796d ago

I wonder how many developers have said this in the past only to end up on PS3? Oh right, pretty much all of them....

When MS sends that nifty "Here is a blank check, come be exclusive!" envelope it comes with terms, and in those term are "pretend this game is never going to our competitor and praise the hell out of random features."

The game is coming out of EA for crying out loud. They had to pay big time to get Mass Effect on PS3, why would they not want Titanfall there? They want it to compete with COD, they can't do that by cutting out two thirds of the fans....

H0RSE1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

As stated already, EA does not own the Titanfall ip, Respawn Entertainment does. This was part of deal between EA and Respawn. EA owns the rights to Mass Effect, not Bioware, so they were able to pay to get the game on PS3. Ultimately it's Respawn's choice where they go with Titanfall.

lobocob1796d ago

for it to be perfect it needs to be an entirely kinect 2.0 experience and it must be mandatory. everything is better with connect. disagree if you agree!

badkolo1796d ago

it will be, the fact they aint even touting kinect tells me this time its flawless out the gate, or why bother including it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1796d ago

This reminds me of what the Ouya person said "If this fails [Ouya] nothing else matters" Still waiting to hear about their suicide with a note saying "OH YEAHHHHHHH"...any day now.

pop-voxuli1796d ago

Oh yeah? So then it's going to be on PS4 after all? If not then perfection goal = MISSED

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