Is Ubisoft Considering Dropping the Wii U?

Bad news for Nintendo fans: apparently Ubisoft is threatening to drop support for the Wii U if sales don’t pick up. Emily Rogers, a Nintendo insider who previously told us about the 3DS Miiverse update, warned Nintendo fans to start buying Ubisoft if they want the publisher to stick with Nintendo. In her tweets, Emily revealed scheduling changes were eminent with regards to the Nintendo software updates and, more importantly, that Ubisoft is getting impatient with the Wii U’s persistently low software sales.

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vishmarx1728d ago

for all those saying wii u will get no 3rd party games in 14
watchdogs is now delayed to 2014
take that!

guitarded771728d ago

I don't understand why Ubi wouldn't keep making for the Wii U. They develop for all the others, so bringing games like Watch Dogs and AC to the Wii U should be a fairly simple process (I'm assuming, I don't know the development details for Wii U games).

Now as far as exclusives like Zombie U (which I enjoyed) and Rayman Legends (which we all know eventually went multi-plat), I don't see Ubi doing that again unless the Wii U goes gangbusters and ends up in many more homes.

For companies like Ubi, it's all about money. If they can make money, I'm sure they'd love to support any and every platform. It's not about liking or disliking the hardware.

UltimateMaster1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

They have a ton of sold 3DS, yet not that many Wii U.

I keep telling Nintendo to upgrade their graphics, but they aren't listening.

So stop with the Nintendo Defense Squad, if you truly love Nintendo, send them messages of what they are doing wrong and what needs to improve.

If they listen tho their customers, they'll make the necessary changes and improve their games/hardware.

vishmarx1728d ago

did nintendo fans grow a brain and they actually accept the shit nintendo is in
or did they simply not see through my sarcasm?!!

N4g_null1728d ago

The hardware is fine, getting to grips with the api takes time it is like so much stuff but different in some cool way. The boycott of devs are their own problem. They are sabotaging their own games. Its their name they are killing not mine so let them come back when they actually have good games.

When the sales do pickup then im wondering what they will do then. Well that is clearly their own problem.

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phantomexe1728d ago

Well i've got a few friends who preordered AC blag flags and watch dogs for Wiiu. One picked up splinter cell. I'm just saying i alwasy gave them hell for never buying 3rd party but with the WiiU they are. Ofcourse they are only buying ubisolf and nintendo games. AC3,Raymen legends to name a few. I don't know anymore to be honest. Nintendo went at this go at it alone on the N64 and now it's like nintendo fans won't buy 3rd party games. Which sometimes they end up with half done ports to be fare. I really think ubisoft it breaking down those doors if they just stick it out. I plan to pick up a WiiU at some point. A friend pointed out that the online is what drove him the most crazy so maybe inproveing that will help.

Ol_G1728d ago

i also preordered watch dogs and after the delay ac4 as a replacement i have batman cod w101 sonic lost world mh3 ultimate mass effect 3 most wanted zombi u ninja gaiden 3 and nintendoland.
i see myself as a third party supporter and wouldn't appreciate this after the support i've given them.
i even gave them more support than nintendo as i didn't even buy pikmin or mario

triforce791728d ago

These articles are silly there is a big chance ps4 and 1 will fail lets wait and see how them consoles do 1st....

N4g_null1727d ago

True the xbone is climbing out of a pr grave sony fans and the ceo help dig. I see a bunch of delays and some buggy gui... lofty hype that isnt really catching fire except on sony fan sites.

the xbox 360 had a 5 million lead with similar sales yet went neck and neck with sony and almost won. Nintendo has 20 million plus sellers with out 3rd party support, yet all of their engines sing on the wiiu when you know the api and sdk.

the ps4 will see the light of day soon, yet games will still be short coming since gta did such crazy numbers.... the returns on ps4 engine investment may not payoff. Mean while the indies are just getting better. Sony will be hard pressed to out do what they did on the ps3 with just more ram and a slightly better gpu than most low end laptops.

If the wiiu does take off soon expect a snes moment combined with the wii selling power. I mean I will be buying that pedometer like 5 times so we can all get in shape... since that is not a gimmick, its a tool. Then wii sports bowling comes back with online play.... and the option to rent it.

ubi can ditch the wiiu if they want... after splinter cell they might need to give pause and figure out how to not break their games.

Godmars2901728d ago

Didn't they just announce that they'd support it no matter what?

snitch_puck1728d ago

Yes. But that does not mean they'll continue supporting the Wii U until they go bankrupt on their development side for that console. You should understand that this is full corporatism: whether you like it or not, the patrons AND the corporation SHOULD benefit at the same time and not only the patrons. It's the sad truth because without profit how could Ubisoft continue business? I do feel terrible for the people who invested in the Wii U and I definitely don't blame them for defending it even if these issues on the lack of 3rd party support pop up every now and then.

ape0071728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

do u really believe that statement??, it's not rocket science , if it generate less revenue than porting/development cost then support must be canceled

look at NFS most wanted on wiiu, only sold 40K, now they cancelled NFS rivals which wiiu can do with almost PC gfx like that awesome most wanted version

triforce791728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

For what a wiiu version would cost they should of just done it.... because they will get long tail sales on a new console but hey I'm buying Project CARS and Mariokart8 there my racing games for this gen and anything Codemasters bring....

snitch_puck1728d ago

Anyhow, correct me if I'm wrong: Isn't this already old news?? Why is this getting approved?

SKUD1728d ago

Not why, but who?

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You're welcome.

DarkBlood1728d ago

at least the certain person i know isnt on that list.

brewin1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Ubisoft can go to hell as far as I am concerned. They are the new EA. Milk every series worth a lick and then complain they arent selling anymore. Delay a once Wii U exclusive to bring it to other platforms only to watch it die slow on the shelves for those other platforms. What a joke they have become. They wonder why Splinter Cell Blacklist isnt selling, but its not only NOT selling on the U. Its not doing good on ANY platform because they are miling every series they have and not changing enough with each iteration.

Whats next, they gonna make a Battlefield/CoD competitor too? ScrUbisoft is there new name to me!I cant wait till Nintendo releeases their biggest titles and the U takes over just to see all the dumbfounded looks on all these a$$hole publishers when indie titles and Nintendo biggies are selling like hotcakes. There is a TON of indie support coming to Wii U and once Nintendo does release its big guns these publishers will wish they would have supported the platform then becasue they will be missing a lot of sales. I wont buy their crap anymore and I used to love their games. I dont support $shitty sham scamming tactics of these companies like Ubisfot and EA. Peopkle bitch about Nintendo releasing so many games in their respective franchises then support LITERALLY the same 5 games year after year after year. Ill stick to indies if thats what gaming is going to become.

gusgusjr1728d ago

I agree with you, but Nintendo needs every game they can get. Without sports titles and the like their release schedule seems barren. It's good that they'll get AC Black Flag and Batman this year but next year could get pretty grim. Yes they have X and Smash and Mario Kart, but if they want to be serious contenders and not go the way of sega they really have to figure something out.

ashcroft1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

The way of Sega? Nintendo is way too loaded to go that way. The WiiU is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. The only reason some hope it goes that way is to get nintendo titles elsewhere.

Their handhelds make so much money...more money than sega's handhelds ever made.

Also don't forget wiiU's on it's first year...Remember how the ps3 looked in it's first two years? Heavenly Sword, Resistance and Haze. Nothing else was worth playing at the time.

Nintendo's first year was slow but it's coming together...2014 looks beast for the console. Who cares about EA and their rehashed sports games that are simply roster updates.

Activision only has call of duty...haven't touched an activision game this gen on the ps3.

Capcom, square-enix,Sega, platinum games...and a few others are all on board.

LOL_WUT1728d ago

Wow way to talk down on the very same publisher who's been there for the Wii U since day one. Even your avatar doesn't agree with you. ;)

brewin1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Yeah theyve been there, with crap titles. AC3 was the worst in the series, Zombi U is a joke of a game, and Rabbids? lol. They delayed a FINISHED product in Rayman in order to release it on other consoles and it STILL sold better on the Wii U. Screw them, I wont buy their products because I am fed up with them releasing yearly titles of the same games. Ill get Rayman at $20 cuz I like Rayman and will buy their games if they release some good ones, like Watch Dogs. But if they release crappy ports why should I fork over my money to them? They are shortchanging Wii U even when they put their games on the syustems because they dont do any DLC and stuff like that. ScrU them! I dont need their titles. I have a Nintendo system for Nintendo games adn that is reason enough for me to won the Wii u. There are great games now and will be many more down the road. If I want that other mainstream stuff I will get a ps4 or One, no prob. I planned on getting one or the other, maybe both anyway. Publishers dont need to compete with the other systems on Wii U, just be different and release different games. Nintendo gamers dont really give a dman about Splinter Cell, so no wonder it sold like crap, but it sold like crap on the other systems too. So much for it being a powerhouse franchise.

Beastforlifenoob1728d ago

I understand each mario game is quite different and there is only 1 actual on per gen but Milk? sorry but there are 10 Mario games coming out this year alone, has there ever been a year where there has been 2 Call Of Duty's or Assassins creed (even though they have spin offs aswell)

And they are introducing a slew of new ideas and innovations to the table e.g. Watch dogs, Far Cry 3's massive improvement over 2 (hunting,graphics, rpg elements,etc), The crew (Co-op racing, cool hey?).

To be honest the only people that are milking right now are the cod teams (activision,Treyarch) and also EA to a degree.

Yes EA are the biggest scumbags on the earth but they still make decent games, I'm holding off buying Battlefield 4 after recently learning about the battlepacks, no official servers, micro transactions and Premium.

I used to admire EA, example with Bad Company 1 they never introduced DLC and they gave away free map packs, in Bad Company 2 they had one expansion pack that was a little overpriced but still quite nice.
Ea You fucking scumbags bring back the good past, we as gamers would love you for that.

Thats one thing I still have admiration for Nintendo is the fact they dont ripp of customers with DLC's/microtransactions and so far I think thats the best theyve done as well as making some really enjoyable titles.

Thehyph1728d ago

I'm with you.

I think much more highly of Ubisoft than current Activision or EA.

Although I will say that EA is starting to feel as though they will turn around somewhat in the next few years.
My mind is still blown that Respawn is using them to publish after what happened with Activision. Respawn are also keen on keeping the rights to their games as well, so getting EA to publish doesn't feel like it makes sense. Maybe EA is changing a little after years of bad stigma.

EA was one the best in the business. Maxis, Bullfrog, Westwood, Origin, as well as publishing some great outside games like Firaxis' Alpha Centauri.