Publishers contact High Voltage after IGN's unveil of The Conduit

In IGN's weekly Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, Matt Casamassina and Mark Bozon discussed a slew of interesting details about The Conduit. First and foremost, Matt noted that High Voltage Software was contacted by numerous publishers after IGN showed off The Conduit. Moreover, promising news was presented about the game and the company in general. The first footage of The Conduit in action will be available in the "near future" (as early as in the next two weeks) and the title will provide gamers will a slew of control options. High Voltage also has two other surprising projects in the pipeline and both of the unannounced games seemed to impress Casamassina and Bozon.

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jedistev3865d ago

......i have read your previous message about tech got endless of Whine and B***H comment from fanboy...

look forward the conduit screenshot and feature

wiizy3865d ago

i hope wii owners go out and support games made by high voltage, thq and red fly .they seem to really want to make good exclusive wii games

PS360WII3865d ago

Glad they have some publishers now and two other projects in the pipeline as well. Good stuff :)

CNIVEK3864d ago

...that's EXACTLY what High Voltage was hoping for, by producing this bogus tech demo to BEGIN with. Whatever publisher ends up paying for this game, is gonna end up with egg on their face. :o

PS360WII3864d ago

umm so what was bogus about it again?

ItsDubC3864d ago

It's bogus for the pessimists who will most likely dislike the Wii no matter what.

CNIVEK3864d ago's bogus, just like the tech demos Sony showed for the PS2, back at E3 '99. The Wii simply isn't capable of running a fully featured game, using such technology, that would end up with PS3/360 level HD graphics.

jtucker783864d ago

I think the tech demo looks poor enough not to be bogus...

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jtucker783864d ago

I'm really angry about all The Conduit hype.

Those poor Wii owners.
They're all salivating over this game, excitedly waiting for news on a game that is being hyped as being able to achieve PS3 visuals.

These Wii owners see port after port of PS2 games, or low poly count shovelware. You can't blame the poor blighters for hearing this news and suddenly thinking that all their prayers will be answered.

Obviously anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge in technology knows that there isn't a chance in h*ll of a Wii getting within a mile of the PS3.
You can tune your lawnmower to cut the lawn twice as fast, but you can't tune it to win the Indy 500.

I think this article is trying to make fools of Wii owners by exploiting their ignorance in technology.

Realistically I think the conduit has potential to be nice looking... ...for a Wii.

ItsDubC3864d ago

So you honestly think Wii-owners on this site are expecting PS3 visuals just because HVS said it's possible? Wii-owners on this site aren't any more technology-ignorant than PS3/360-owners on this site. Wii-owners who don't frequent gaming sites are definitely less likely to know about console technology (as are the PS3/360-owners who don't frequent gaming sites), so how would they even know about The Conduit to be salivating over it?

More condescension from PS3/360 owners.

jtucker783864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

I think a lot of Wii owners are smart enough to know that, but I've also read some of the comments on this site and there are more than a few that think that the Wii has a chance of looking like the PS3 in SD...

ItsDubC3864d ago

lol touche. However, expecting PS3 visuals is not the same as being open to the possibility that such visuals can be achieved in 480p. See the difference?

forum_crawler3864d ago

It is always refreshing to read your comments. If only more people here made mature comments like you...

ItsDubC3864d ago

Thx forum crawler. Just trying to bring ppl down to earth =)

Snipes203864d ago

I'll say it again. IGN's interview with HVS never mentioned the game looking like the PS3. They said that they were trying to make it LOOK like a 360 game. Since they have found a way to to extensive normal mapping and bump mapping as well as other effects on the Wii, they can make a game LOOK like a 360 game, but closer inspection of environments will reveal the lower polygon models. Still, its a great achievement. Unfortunately, another website took IGN's article and twisted it and now you have all the hype and a bunch of Wii lovers who think the visuals will match a PS3. Then there are the Wii haters who only watched the Youtube video or read the article headline and they say the game looks worse than a PS2 game. Both these views are wrong. I am expecting a shooter with graphical features similar if not a little better than Halo 2 (they had normal mapping in it right?).

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