Which PlayStation Console Featured The Best Launch Lineup?

Now that we know the PS4 launch lineup, maybe we should compare all the PlayStation launch lineups since the original piece of hardware. Which one wins?

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Godmars2901728d ago

The good - by which I mean great - games came later.

I have no idea why the industry has put more and more emphasis on launch windows and first day sales. By any real indication become more concerned with release windows than the actual product has only lead to problems and disappointment.

GarrusVakarian1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

"I have no idea why the industry has put more and more emphasis on launch windows and first day sales."

I agree, The deciding factor on which console is the best has suddenly been deemed as the console that the most launch titles. Launch titles are games made to sell the system at launch, every gamer old enough to remember more than one past console launch knows this. The better/more accurate representations of what a console can do come in the couple of years after launch, games that have had a decent development time.

I don't think there is a better scenario to prove this than the PS3, at launch it suffered from the exact same fanboy talk that the PS4 is getting, "the PS3 has no games!". But now look, it has the most exclusives, even now in 2013 it is still pumping them out, while the competition has all but abandoned their console. To judge a console that is going to be here for the best part of a decade from its launch titles alone is incredibly short sighted and ignorant in my opinion.

Although i don't think any Playstation has ever had a "bad" launch lineup.

lifeisgamesok1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

PS2 had the best playstation launch lineup in my opinion too

But I remember Battle Arena Toshinden was the 1st 3d fighting game I ever played and I fell in love. The next Christmas I got my Playstation