Way of the Ninja - Nina Kristensen talks new projects, movie practices and life after Heavenly Sword

Last year's Heavenly Sword was a bold title for a first game from an independent developer. Over three year's in the making, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, incorporating movie principles and production practices, and with expectations as a system seller, it highlighted Ninja Theory's 'think big, act big' mentality.

And as co-founder and chief developer Nina Kristensen tells in this exclusive interview, following the success of Heavenly Sword, the studio is prepared once again to set targets high and think beyond just making a game.

Q: Are you working on a sequel to Heavenly Sword?

Nina Kristensen: No we're not, we're working on a new IP.

Q: What can we expect from the new project – can we expect another three year production with a massive budget?

Nina Kristensen: Yes, we're looking at doing something really big and ambitious and absolutely build on our strengths in storytelling, cinematics and combat.

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Iron Man 23890d ago

Oh great,another multiplatform game(GTA IV being the big first one) that will be dumbed down thanks to the Inferiorbox 360:P


Iamback3890d ago

There you have it. I told you week ago they are not working on HS2, but on new multiplatform IP, something they confirmed even before but few guys here seems to pretend to know more than developers themselves.

Kain813890d ago

will work on Heavenly Sword 2.

Iamback3890d ago

They are working on new IP for Wii/PS360. Confirmed almost year ago. Please stop folks

Bolts3890d ago

Another massive three years project? Must be nice to be so well funded. I guess this next project is gonna be a massive hit or this company folds. At least by going multiplat there is less chance of a bust.

jkhan3890d ago

Interesting!!!. Heavenly Sword a very nice story. I love games that have deep and intriguing story. I absolutely loved. Apart from its length and someother minor grievances, it was a great game. Lets see what they come up with. By the way if they are working on a 3 year project. Then the game is coming in 2010. Because they started working on in 2007. Lets see what happens.

kadosho3890d ago

Definitely has a bit of faith, with her team to go this far. Hopefully things work out for the new project.

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