Nintendo reaffirms commitment to cross-play for devs

Nintendo reaffirms that it is supporting cross-platform play where necessary for developers releasing on multiple platforms.

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Lboogieskells1760d ago

Smart move, Nintendo trying to appeal to the third parties in hopes for future support.

dark-kyon1760d ago

yes,is smart for what in a short future wiiu owners can have somebody to play online for what you know nintendo consoles are made to play nintendo games,play third party games is very rare.

UltimateMaster1760d ago

Some people are starting to think they should just redo the consoles altogether, it may not be such a bad idea.
But for those that did already bought the Wii U, that could suck just a little bit.

gunboss2011760d ago

Smart indeed. Saving the Wii-U while in the verge of dying... Perhaps we can see sales increase again..

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r211760d ago

Swee, cant wait for the day for opposite console cross play. MS and Sony aint ever gonna do it, but Nintendo has a chance. Its gonna be interesting now.

Deadpoolio1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Really...Cause Sony is all for it and has no problems with it, Microsoft are the ONLY ones that refuse to have cross platform play....Hence why games like Portal 2 had cross platform co-op with PC on PS3....Well that and Sony has said it out loud....Annnnnd why the One80 isn't getting Final Fantasy XIV

r211760d ago

Seeing as I cant edit my first comment here, add 'together' after 'it'. The one with Sony and MS.

Gemmol1760d ago

wrong example all console have cross play with pc.....this is nintendo willing to do crossplay with everything else beside pc

porkChop1760d ago

What are you talking about? Sony has always allowed and encouraged cross platform play, and there are PS3 games that feature cross platform multiplayer. Microsoft is the only one that has been against it.

r211760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Thats what I meant. MS and Sony have no chance of cross play together but Sony and Nintendo though, more likely. Just going to take a while though but once it happens, Ill be there to support it.

lilbroRx1760d ago

Huh? There are only 3 game console manutfactures. If Microsoft wasn't allowed it, and Nintedo just started, then how was Sony doing it?

Were they crossplatofrming with a magical console from another dimension?

porkChop1760d ago


There's this thing called PC, maybe you've heard of it. It's a gaming platform, is it not? The term is cross platform, not cross console.

LightningMokey1760d ago


Sony has done it with PC in the past.

(also between PS3 and Vita but that's a mute point.)

lilbroRx1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

The PC is not a console/platform, and I thought Microsoft had been doing that since the xbox1? Heck, even Nintendo has had some game connectivity to the PC. I believe the Dreamcast did as well.

I know Phantasy Star Online could connect the PC, Gamecube and Dreamcast versions together.

Either way, Sony was not the first.

Also, if you are going to console to console/handheld within the same company, then that Nintendo holds the award for that as well. (Gamecube/GBA)

porkChop1760d ago


Yes, PC IS a platform. It's an open platform, sure, but it's still a gaming platform. That's a fact. Console and platform are 2 completely different things. Android and iOS are also platforms.

I didn't say Sony was first at anything. I'm saying that Sony has always been open to cross platform gaming. They've never had a problem with it. The reason that there aren't really any games that feature cross platform between PS and XB is because of Microsoft, this is a well known fact and many devs have reiterated this a thousand times.

Microsoft has tried cross platform a couple times with PC in the past with games like Shadowrun, but they stopped doing it.

AbortMission1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

"The PC is not a console/platform"

EPIC FAIL. Seriously, do you know where games are made on?

lilbroRx1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

The nature of the PC is not the same as consoles. That is why they are not categorized as the same thing.

Also, once again, if you are counting the PC a console platform then Nintendo was the first to do it, not Sony.

The point of a console/platform is to provide a stable hardware setup for releases. PC's are variable in make and purpose. Console's are game machines managed by one company while anyone can make a PC. PC's are not the same and should never be counted the same as consoles.

Also, I'm pretty sure that this news is pertaining solely to "consoles" cross-play as Nintendo has already allowed PC connectivity as I've already stated...hence the point of my statement.

rainslacker1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


I think you're putting two things together to make a point that don't belong together.

In relation to gaming

Platform: Any place that can play games.

Console/PC: A piece of hardware that runs the platform that you can play games on.

Think of the platform as the OS of the console/device. This could be iOS, Droid, Windows. FreeBSD or Linux varients in most console cases.

Think of the console/PC as the device running the platform. iPhone runs iOS. Samsung Galaxy Tab or Google Nexus 7 runs Droid(multiple devices running the same platform). PS3 runs FreeBSD. Etc, etc, etc.

PC runs the Windows platform. however, PC can also run the Linux Platform, Linux, or even OSX. PS3 could run it's native FreeBSD variant, or it could run Linux. Platform isn't always constrained by console/PC/Device.

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Thirty3Three1760d ago

Change the tags. This doesn't belong in the PS3/Vita section...

MasterCratosKong661760d ago

yes it does since Sony is the main company expected to follow up on this with devs since they do cross platform with PC.

Misaka_x_Touma1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Nintendo is allowing cross console play. They already doing Wii U and PC cross play.

DejectedJeff1760d ago

The chess game mentioned connects between ps3, vita, and wii u. Read the article.

Realplaya1760d ago

Nintendo will be the first to allow you to not only cross platform play with Pc's and handhelds but also home gaming consoles.

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