This Xbox One racing wheel costs as much as a PlayStation 4

Games Beat "The Thrustmaster: TX Racing Wheel, Ferrari 458 Italia Edition will retail for $400."

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PoSTedUP1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

yes, master.

shoddy1728d ago

Gee I wonder why MS don't make the 360 version if the wheel compatible with the xbone.

MS is evil

nukeitall1728d ago

It's not compatible because MS made a new proprietary wireless system that improves latency and has a higher bandwidth of data transmission.

That is how they get they are able to upgrade their audio quality on chat for instance. It also will enable other accessories that was previously unavailable or not conceived yet, because of previous hardware limitation.

A fresh start also allows hardware designers to create hardware that take advantage of specific features that more get to enjoy. An example is the trigger rumble that will be in this wheel.

That said, $400 is a lot of money for a wheel!

Cueil1728d ago

two totally different technologies... wireless... as for wired you're talking a difference of over 100 mbs in bandwidth between 2.0 and 3.0

hesido1728d ago

@nukeitall: If only the wireless controllers are left incompatible, what you say is understandable. But if I'm not going to be able to connect my wheel with a USB cable, then that's not a good policy. An honest question: Does the Xbox one support usb wheels?

Boody-Bandit1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Anyone that makes excuses (and that's what they are, excuses) for why current XBOX 360 wheels won't be compatible with the XBOX ONE need to stop. This is MS wanting to make money and nothing more.

The XBOX 360 is proprietary hardware requiring licensing fees and MS certifications and they are going the same route with the XBOX ONE. AKA MS getting paid for any and every thing they can that interacts with their hardware. The only decent FFB products were made by the smallest wheel manufacturer out there today, Fanatec. I owned 4 of them and currently own the CSR Elite (The Official Forza 4 Wheel).

Over the years I have owned over a dozen FFB wheels that I have used on various consoles and for PC gaming. Nearly ANY wheel on the market works on the PS3 because their hardware is NON proprietary. <- This is an important point as to why I say MS is full of sh*t in this video interview on venturebeat.

I know what Fanatec had to go through to get MS certification and the fees they went through. Now MS is turning towards the company that made the GT5 Official Wheel (Thrustmaster) to have for their new hardware while turning their back on Fanatec who has supported them for nearly the entire duration of the 360. No matter how you slice it this is BS.

This is just MS trying to pull the wool over their consumers eyes (in others words lying) and acting as if their new hardware is so advanced that the feedback and resolution this new hardware will be providing can't be paired with older FFB peripherals. That's flat out BS.

Anyone that has a gaming rig will tell you that you do get better resolution (accuracy and FFB) on your wheel and pedals while using it on a PC but it has NOTHING to do with compatibility. My CSR Elite worked flawlessly on the 360, PS3 and PC. It's called drivers. MS could easily implement the drivers for backwards compatibility but they are choosing not too.

How do I know? Because ALL indications are most current wheels will work on the PS4 as they do the PS3. The ones that don't? Sony most likely will try to implement compatibility through drivers updates. This is as if MS is saying out X1 hardware is more advanced than the PS4 and PC rigs. Yeah okay. Ever hear the one about having a bridge to sell yah?

So seriously MS, stop, just stop. With the lies that is. That sad part is more do believe the lies than don't. That's sad.

horndog1728d ago

Gee i wonder why sony is charging for psn this gen when ot was free last gen. Sony are evil

rainslacker1727d ago


Well this wheel is USB so not sure what a new wireless technology has to do with it.

As far as it being a X1 wheel, the article pointed out there are new force feedback capabilities in the X1 controllers, which opens up new, better, force feedback options on this wheel.

I have nothing against this wheel using these new technologies and not being compatible with the 360, but that doesn't mean that the older, not better, 360 wheels shouldn't work just fine with the proper drivers. Input is input on a programming level, regardless of delivery method.

Racing wheels are expensive. Even the cheap ones will run you $150. It's pretty understandable why people wouldn't want to upgrade just because MS doesn't want to add support for an older console's peripherals.

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badz1491728d ago

serious question. will this work for PC as well or is it only for the Xbone?

I don't know about you guys but in terms of looks, G25 and G27 shit on this new wheel! no gear knob? no clutch pedal?

Dee_911728d ago

I'm pretty sure it will.
The wheel itself is gorgeous and looks way better than most wheels on the market imo.But the lack of a shifter let alone an h shifter and clutch should chop the price by half.

1728d ago
2cents1728d ago

no clutch? no gearstick?



horndog1728d ago

Its a good thing it isn't mandatory, huh puppet?

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Mikelarry1728d ago

i still don't get the fascination is with racing wheel or any kind of gimmicky peripheral and for the prices they charge only for it not to be compatible the next gen is crazy to me.

PoSTedUP1728d ago

theyre not gim, mikey. theyre awsome for racing games and even better for simulation. the ones for playstation are compatible for the ps2 the ps3 and im pretty sure the ps4 and are $150-250 for a really good one. this is a rip-off scummy move by microsoft because developers couldve implemented x360 wheel support, but MS told them not to so they could make racing fans buy yet another wheel, and at a whopping $400 to play their racing launch game with... this isnt business, this is wrong, andi feel bad for racing fans who like to play with a wheel.

Kingthrash3601728d ago

although im no racing fan..this is disrespectful.
all should pass

n4rc1728d ago


A racing wheel is a modified controller... New controllers = new wheels.

The force feedback is different, button mapping etc.. Was all brought up in a Xbox YouTube video the other day..

And how is thrustmaster charging $400 for their wheel microsoft being greedy?

BluEx6101728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

@n4rc think he was saying MS was being greedy by not allowing old gen wheels to work on next gen. My PC, PS3, and PS4 can use my old school PS2 Logitech DriveForce Wheels, and also use my Logitech G27. Just cause something new comes out, doesn't mean we drop support for the old tech. Why else are we still using USB 2.0 when USB 3.0 is so much faster?

I feel bad for people who got a Fanatec Wheel and getting an Xbox One. Those things aren't cheap... The new Xbox One wheel looks great, but $400 is a bit much. And not having backwards compatibility sucks.

Although this doesn't affect me personally, I am disappointed in the lack of support for Sim Racers on the Xbox side. Forza is a great game but not having an affordable wheel that works on multiple platforms are only hurting the gamers.

I'm glad MS doesn't do shit like this on the PC side. Announce a product and make it only available to Windows 8 when it can easily be on multiple OS's lol.

pixelsword1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Paying more for less to pay to play to pay to play with basically the same thing... : /

n4rc1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Well I get that... But its not like they just said well let's screw our customers to increase sales for another company..

Hardware was locked down on 360 for 8 years... They couldn't make improvements or upgrade to better tech.

Well... Now they can.. A new generation allows them to start from scratch.. Force feedback has been completely redone, button mapping has changed.. That's why a old wheel won't work..

I'd be pretty pissed to be stuck with the same old crap for 16 years.. 8 was long enough.. Controllers are all new, so is kinect and everything else about the Xbox one.. A racing wheel is no different..

I have my old kinect, 4 controllers, recharge kits etc that all don't work with x1..

Them and madcats are licensed right now.. But the rest will follow.. Only turtle beach was making headsets at first, now tritton and the rest have announced they are making them. So yeah at launch your options are limited.. But won't be for long. Nature of the beast.

I mean I have a new pair of trittons that set me back $150 that aren't going to work.. But switching to USB audio and WiFi direct allows 7.1 right through the controller and high quality audio for chat. So its not just for the sake of doing it.. Major improvements have been made

PoSTedUP1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

@narc, thrustmaster is and has been in a close long term partnership and developement with microsoft going on their third generation.

not only that but ms "are really excited to have them as their launch partner" [this generation]. YEAH I WONDER WHY. their aint Nothing exciting about having a $400 wheel as your only option for your big launch game, or is there? cha ching $_$. cmon son you know microsoft by now. like i said before, you can defend them all you want, but you know exactly why things are the way they are.

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Sitdown1728d ago

You drive a real car with a steering wheel, but driving a simulator with a steering wheel is a gimmick? Wait.... What?

Bathyj1728d ago

I never used a wheel until GT5 and now, theres no way I'm playing a GT game without it. Its not gimmicky, its superior in every way.

Thankfully my G25 will work on PS4 so I'm covered.

rainslacker1727d ago

It's not really gimmicky. It offers much better control in racing games, and the force feedback is actually meaningful, as opposed to just some rumbling, the entire wheel can pull with the physics of the car, just like a real car does.

Only thing I can suggest is trying one. I did, and I don't think I could ever go back to a standard controller.

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Lboogieskells1728d ago

What a ripoff, the old 360 wheels aren't compatible? Those racing wheels aren't cheap. What is Microsoft doing?

VitaOwner1728d ago

It sounds like same old Microsoft to me.

nosferatuzodd1728d ago

Lol what you expect they're going to change over night

Bathyj1728d ago

They are grabbing your nipples and twisting. Business as usual. Same reason you cant swap out your harddrive.

kayoss1728d ago

love the analogy.."They are grabbing your nipples and twisting." The really hurt.

ZodTheRipper1728d ago

lol that South Park episode was hillarious :D

n4rc1728d ago

Upgrading tech?

Something they haven't been able to do in 8 years... Now is their chance before hardware is locked down for another 8.

Hicken1728d ago

That's so irrelevant. What does "locking down the hardware" have to do with having the only supported wheel being a brand new $400 dollar affair?

The PS4 has upgraded tech; why aren't they taking the same route? And it's not like there won't be new wheels for the PS4. Sony just isn't forcing you to only use new wheels.

New tech or not, people invest a LOT of money into these wheels, and expect to get a LOT of use out of them. It's disingenuous of Microsoft to lock XB1 support to just a brand new wheel. There's no real reason for them to do so, outside of money.

That flimsy ass excuse of yours, talking about upgrading tech, certain isn't a real reason.

rainslacker1727d ago

New input mapping or whatever is meaningless. That is something done by the driver. Standard buttons send a signal saying that button was pressed, and the software determines what to do with it. Analog sticks(wheels) are much the same. The driver for the device interprets how far and how fast an analog input is moved. The software then takes that information to perform input routines in the game itself.

The controller itself is just a dumb device passing along input. Input is interpreted on a programming level by the software itself, with information provided by the input device drivers. There is absolutely no reason why previous peripherals shouldn't work if they are wired through USB. At most, some new features of X1 peripherals wouldn't be available.

If these were wireless devices then it would be understandable.

If you think I"m wrong, ask yourself why it's still possible to use old serial flight sticks on any modern PC. Serial is different than USB, yet they still work with the proper drivers, or by mapping the inputs manually through a standard windows driver. Consoles are no different than PC's in this regard. The controller driver's functions are quite well documented for developers.

theRell1728d ago

Nothing. No one notices this is Thrustmaster's creation.

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solar1728d ago

well this is a flamebait title

Bathyj1728d ago

Just because its provocative, doesnt mean its not true.

Enemy1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I wonder how calling flamebait makes this any less true.

Pancit_Canton1728d ago

Forza V is better off with Kinect to control the game. Physics doesn't really apply on that game so it's utterly useless. Just make use of that $400 and buy other games.

kayoss1728d ago

yes, i will look less idiotic with my arms out pretending to hold an imaginary wheel trying to turn. How would i be pressing the gas and breaking if I use Kinect? Kinect is great for exercise games, other than that its pointless especially for racing games.

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