Here’s How The Actual PlayStation 4's Game Cases Look Like

With just a month away now for the release of the two much anticipated titans; the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the hype around everything related to these two titans is never ending. With the demo units being setup now around the world to showcase the power of the consoles, NeoGAF user, nhlducks35, went to his local Gamestop to see the setup of the PlayStation 4 where he spotted the PlayStation 4 game cases.

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ABeastNamedTariq1729d ago

I'm loving the blue.

~3 weeks left...

Abash1729d ago

Im loving that the game cases are bigger, but I dont know why

MajorAly1729d ago

Retracing all their steps to PlayStation 2 probably? I mean everything they did right, who knows if Sony is even implementing such subtle changes in aesthetics such as these cases.

TomShoe1729d ago Show
Abash1729d ago


No I know *why* they are bigger, probably to make them easily distinguishable from a PS Vita game. They probably would think the average consumer would see a PS4 game as a Vita title if it had a smaller box. I just dont know why I am loving the bigger box, it's just awesome to me XD

MajorAly1729d ago


I agree, your point is valid. The wait is getting harder by the second xD.

I'm ecstatic about the color and the size as well :D

The_Con-Sept1729d ago

I am glad they went back up in size. The BD cases are a huge nuisance when it comes to trying to fit them in a wire rack... BUT I HOPE THEY DON'T LOSE THE RED ONES!


playstation 3 game case were the perfect size. i cant really tell, but i really hope they arent DVD sized cases. looks really great otherwise.

ShinMaster1729d ago

But those are not the actual cases. They're just display boxes.

Go to your local GameStop and look at the promotional display boxes for upcoming games on current platforms. Not the same.

jsslifelike1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

"Here’s How The Actual PlayStation 4 Game Cases Look Like"!?

Grammar can be a force used for the good of all nerdkind.

The Great Melon1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I feel the opposite. I want the cases to get as smaller or stay the same size. I hope that this is for the display boxes only rather than the actual box shape. If anything DVD sized cases are bizarre now given that Blu-ray has been around for many years.

DOMination-1729d ago

MS release a big consooe (not even that big = terrible

Sony go back to DVD cases = Sony are amazing

Seriously n4g? Not only is less sleek than a BD box but its also worse for the environment because its much bigger.

mixelon1729d ago

I don't think they are bigger? just that the art spreads the whole box instead of missing a section at the top like it does on ps3.

I may be wrong though!

FamilyGuy1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

PS2 game cases were bigger because there was space for the game pamphlet. This gen games have had less and less instruction manual information.

It looks the same size to me though :/

moparful991729d ago

The case clearly saus "for promotional display only" these are not the actual cases people...

Tapewurm1729d ago


When you take the time point out that there is a grammar issue, PLEASE take the time to teach them the correction! Incorrect= "Here’s How The Actual PlayStation 4 Game Cases Look Like" ... Correct= "This is probably how the actual Playstation 4 game cases will look." or "This is more than likely what the Playstation 4 game cases will look like." ... "Knowledge is power!" "The more you know." and my personal favorite.... "Knowing is half the battle soldier!" 8) Grammar Police out.

Ares84HU1729d ago

I will probably be hated for this but I'm not blown away by these cases. In fact, I think they look ugly. I would have done it differently. For example, I wouldn't cover the full case with the box art but leave space out on the top like on blu-ray cases and instead of blu-ray on top I would have put the PS logo in full color. Also, why make them so big? Don't know about you guys but so far my favorite cases are the PS1 cases, simple, small and looks great. Doesn't take up so much space. But that's just me.

Perjoss1729d ago

like Joey Tribiani said:

"I'm not interested in her sweater. It's what is underneath that counts!"


UnHoly_One1728d ago

Why does a game need to be in anything bigger than a slim CD case at this point?

Take one of these, slap some Playstation color on it, and call it a day.

Anything bigger than that is completely unnecessary.

Underworld1728d ago

It looks nice. Though I prefer the size of PS3 and blu-ray cases.

darthv721728d ago

Hmmm.....i dont like them. They look like blue dvd cases. If sony went with the existing ps3 cases but made them blue then it would be fine.

Same goes for the xb1 cases. Green bluray case design would work because we have had the green dvd case design since the first xbox.

Tsar4ever011728d ago

Not me, I rather the cases be as compact as the ps3's or even smaller like the ps1's cd cases back then, but still made of the same material as seen on the pics now.

UltimateMaster1728d ago

I don't really care about cases.
But it's a nice blue.

nukeitall1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Looks like cheap plastic. What happened to translucent blue?

Or it is translucent, but really dark.

killcycle1728d ago

It's more like "heres what half the PS4s actual case looks like.

Th4Freak1728d ago

@Abash Between all the possible reasons thats the less likely because PSV game cases are way too small to put a disk on it.

RumbleFish1728d ago

I like the PS3 cases so much more.

RSX9011728d ago

@ tapewurm

What? You didn't correct the grammar of the title. You changed its whole meaning! The correction should either be:

"Here's WHAT the Actual PlayStation 4 Game Cases Look Like", OR,

"Here's How the Actual PlayStation Game Cases Look" (without "LIke" at the end).

Your grammar was correct, but there was no need to change "Here's" to "This is", and why have you added "probably" and "more than likely"?

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Muffins12231729d ago

just like vita cases but bigger

Errefus1728d ago

Yeah vita cases but xl size

True_Samurai1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

How do you guys feel knowing that next gen will soon be in your hands?

DirtyLary1729d ago

It's blue dude. Put both hands back on the keyboard.

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Bobby Kotex1729d ago

Seeing the Bungie and PS4 logo on the same package is a great sight.

Beastforlifenoob1729d ago

I dont really care about game cases sure I really really like the feel of a brand new game in its plastic and taking it of reaviling the disc, alas times have changed and now im lazy but my internet is fast and i think you know what that means (especially during steam summer sales, PSN discounts etc...)

showtimefolks1729d ago

there were some cases back when ps4 was announced and there was one all black, damn it looked really sexy. but how often do we really look at cases. so blue is perfectly fine

finbars751729d ago

Who ever keeps showing these cases for both next gen are full of crap.I have had them in my hands and they arent looking like that.These are just demo cases of the games with the ps4 and xboxone on them.The cases are still the same size for both from last gen just nicer looking with smoother edges.

snipab8t1729d ago

What, blue is great but green is the devil?

get_real1728d ago

Where are the actual disks? Oh no wait, they have been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances hence only boxes were shown.

playboi281728d ago

It's a sad day when people are this excited over a game case. These aren't even the real game cases..

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majiebeast1729d ago

The blue boxes just like the PS2.

ps3vita4life1729d ago

Following the footsteps of its big, mighty brother.

ABeastNamedTariq1729d ago

I'm pretty sure... I'm about to spoil the startup sound for some of you guys, if you don't want to know, DON'T READ ON! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!



The startup sound is the PS2's startup sound, if I heard that PS Memories ad correctly. I. Can. Not. Wait.

k2d1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

@ABNT: If it's "For The Gamer" ad you mean, you are mistaken.
It was the sony logo sound they've been using earlier in commercials.

Muffins12231729d ago

vita ring a bell too you?

majiebeast1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

i buy all digital for Vita. so i dont really associate that with the blue boxes. While every PS2 game came in a blue box except for a few like SOTC.

black0o1729d ago

even the consoles box are a like .. blue

ShinMaster1729d ago

PS2 game cases were black...

OrangePowerz1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Some of them yes, most of the ones I have a dark blue.


serratos271729d ago

All of mine have been black. I do recall a dark blue now that I think about it though. Kind of looked like it had a violet tint to it.

majiebeast1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Ps2 PAL game cases with memory card holders were dark blue.

THamm1729d ago

Yes PAL versions, some early USA versions had a tint of blue into the black

ShinMaster1728d ago

Ahhh ok, that does looks familiar.

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Sirlancealot1729d ago

Hold on PS2 game boxes were black

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Snookies121729d ago

Ahhh, the big brothers of Vita games.

AcidKill1729d ago

"Big sized younger brother" would be more appripriate IMO. :P hah!

Time, start flying already! X(

ps3vita4life1729d ago

Absolutely Stunning!!! The blue really goes well with all the different box art colours. The wait for the PS4 is killing me :( November 15th can't come soon enough!