Intriguing Ultra Street Fighter IV rumors surfaced

A new set of rumors have surfaced online which, if true, will change the way we play Street Fighter IV.

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Lboogieskells1760d ago

I hope they buff Vega(Claw) he needs it.

3-4-51759d ago

They need to stop making 3-4 versions of the same game and spend that time creating new characters for SF5.

Lboogieskells1758d ago

You need to understand that the fans have been asking for this. The people who actually play the game eveyday, go to tournaments and support the community want an update for SF4.
I want a new SF as well, but Ono already confirmed there is no money to invest into another project right now.

If fans want to see another SF, they can start by not bad mouthing Capcom every chance they get. They made some bad games recently, but sales are also affected by people word of mouth. Capcom cant afford to make any more mistakes, so I expect nothing but good things coming from them in the future.

pompombrum1760d ago

Only one I like from that is the delayed wake up as it could potentially make things interesting however would mean I might as well just give up on Ibuki if they added that mechanic.

Don't like the idea of red focus as the focus thing was a great risk vs reward mechanic. Maybe it will work out better than it sounds but I thought focus was fine as it was.

Giving characters both Ultras just sounds a bit too OP imho. It would make landing Ultras that little bit easier and would literally leave certain characters being a bit too powerful.

Nerdmaster1759d ago

"Players can choose both Ultras: (...) player who opt of this option will deal less damage with the ultras."

nosferatuzodd1760d ago

I'm hype right now I'm a big street fighter fan

weirdo1760d ago

i want melee attack as an option, this made sfiii fantastic

Thehyph1760d ago

I don't know what you mean by melee attack.

I would kill for them to make a 3rd Strike remix. The last time I looked, 3rd Strike was in more SBO's than any other fighter. It's a shame that it wasn't more popular stateside. To me it has the best mechanics of any fighting game that I've ever played (save Chun-Li's Kara throw)

Boody-Bandit1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I loved 3rd strike. Still play it from time to time. It would be great if Capcom did a remake using a updated graphics engine. Doubt it though. Capcom has already said don't expect any next generation fighters any time soon. I hope it's not too long because fighting games clawed their way back into relevance over recent years and can easily fall off again.

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