Call Of Duty Ghost Audio Vs Battlefield 4 Audio

Youtube user TheKryation compares Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty Ghost sound quality and gives his opinion on his overall impression.

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1798d ago
TheBurger291797d ago

i think we all know the better quality game

Vladplaya1797d ago

Not gonna lie, Ghost sounds like sh*t....

ambientFLIER1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

bla bla bla to the guys above me. I know BF3 and BF4 sound better than any COD game, because I play both, but I don't find COD sounding bad at all...Some weapons are actually quite impressive, especially in Black Ops 2. They really improved the sound quality there. Echos from distant snipers sound pretty damn good to me.

Dante811797d ago

Does Battlefield 4 have uncompressed surround sound?

Shake_Zula1797d ago

I doubt it. EA put alot of sound research into past games like the Medal of Honor's, BF: BC2, and Crysis. I think this is just higher bitrate streams of the same research. In fact, I think they said that BF4 didn't even have a military advisor which is pretty common nowadays among AAA shooters.

For CoD in the past, while attention was put into sound detail, sound quality has never been that great likely due to the same recycled engine since CoD2. I'd imagine with the "re-engineered" engine for the next gen systems specifically, they bumped up what the engine can handle. Hopefully, at least.

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