Rune Factory 4 has a secret: It’s all your favorite games rolled into one

GamesBeat has broken down some main components of Rune Factory 4 and matched them with series that are much more recognizable. So chances are if you like one of these, you’ll find something to enjoy in Rune Factory 4 — plus a little extra. Xseed Games’ Brittany Avery, who works in localization, shared some secrets with us about what makes Rune Factory 4′s twist on those elements unique.

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JeffGrubb1610d ago

... stahp. I don't need any more games to play right now!

Sadie21001610d ago

The writer's sure name-dropping a lot of really popular games here....

EL Lanf1610d ago

I spent a little longer on RF2 than I'd care to admit but whilst it does many things most of these are ultimately quite shallow and repetitive. It's one of those games that sucks you in to do all these things and leaves a hollow sense of accomplishment especially with how soulless farming games have become in the modern age.

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