Call Of Duty Ghost gameplay Juggernaut Manic Killstreak in Domination and more

Call Of Duty Ghost Juggernuat Manic Killstreak and more Call Of Duty Ghost gamplay videos combined.

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1760d ago
NaAsAr1760d ago

wow that looks pretty cheap compared to bf4 and kz

gusgusjr1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Yeah somewhat, looking forward to the single player actually based on who is writing for it. Besides it's call of duty and it usually has solid game play at least.

ape0071760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

it's waaaay more fun/addicting than both, look at its great success carrying on to the nextgen, impressive indeed

CoD Control, gameplay mechanics, single player, soundtrack, characters/story/voice acting >>> BF and KZ


execution171760d ago

suuuure my girlfriend says Medal of Honor Warfighter is funner then call of duty and that's pretty much all she played until I got her to test out MoH and BF

ape0071760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


LoL been a gamer my entire life, played almost all FPS games from SNES's botched ones to today's shooters

and that's my opinion on that

jon12341760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )


Utalkin2me1760d ago

This looks so atrocious it's not even funny.It really looks no better then BO2. It's kind of sad that people will flock to this.

ssj271759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Yes because auto aim is more fun! /6 lol

have you seen the features that KZSF has? the gameplay videos? the sound and tech, visual qualities?

$20 season pack vs a $50 rip off season pack!

first 6/8 maps free on KZSF!

CUSTOM GAME MODES! you could play with other 11 friends vs 12 SMART AI bots.. etc etc.. limit is your imagination.

have you try KZSF gameplay new game modes?

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gusgusjr1760d ago

Better than constant off screen footage. These companies really need to open the floodgates with footage. Especially the titles that have no current gen version of the game coming out.

deadfrag1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

This gAme is coming to current gem also!!

gusgusjr1760d ago

I know, I just meant in general. :) It's sad that we have to get footage leaks,

Audiggity1760d ago

Wow, that was similar to every other Call of Duty MP game I've ever seen or played.

Seriously? This is "next gen"?

Somehow it will still make them a ton of money... Call of Duty is beginning to feel like selling your car to a dealership, and having it sold back to you for full value, but wait!... We added a new cup holder and a cargo net in your trunk!

That makes it totally worth it.

CerebralAssassin1760d ago

Wth do you expect? Is does what is supposed to do and it does it well. No, it's not like every other cod multiplayer. Every other cod multiplayer doesn't let you run around as a jug and knife everyone in sight. The game is fun. Pure and simple. if you dont want to have senseless fun then dont play it.

Thatlalala1760d ago

I recall wearing a jug suit in at least three if them. This is hogwash crap that had been dated since 2008. Go ahead buy it, play it whatever, but don't turn around and bitch when your disappointed. Like last year, the year before that, the year before that, and ohhhhhh yeah the year before that.

Audiggity1760d ago

I suppose I expect more from the amount of money they've made from the CoD series, in an industry based solely on innovation.

But, I have to go now, I'm about to prestige in Tetris 2014! It's just like the original, but better, because they re-released it!

Jokes aside - you are right, this still sells like crazy... and, CoD is fun. I cannot argue that.

ape0071760d ago


"CoD is fun. I cannot argue that"

that's the whole point of gaming, if u worry about politics/specs too much and let that interfere with your enjoyment(like CoD haters)

then you're not a real gamer, just a drama queen

CerebralAssassin1757d ago


The jug suit was in more then one cod game I know this. Im referring to the maniac jug in ghost which starts you out with only a knife. Getting knifed by someone in a jug suit in the other games didnt happen often. If it did, you either got caught off guard or you just suck and dont know how to keep your distance. I did mean this is the first time we saw a jug suit. I will buy it. I will play it. I wont be bitching about what I get because I know what im getting. A well put together fun social fps that will kill time. Which is the point of videogames in general.

im sorry that you look for innovation in a title like cod. Innovation is a rare site these days and you should probably look elsewhere if thats what you want. Cod is past the days of innovation. Anything they put out with cod in the name but doesnt play like that will be the nail in the coffin for that series.

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ape0071760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

bf4 which require more power than ps4 and xbox one, it doesn't feel that different from BF3 and shadow fall doesn't feel that different from KZ2/KZ3

gfx are getting stagnant people

Audiggity1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Yo ape, I'm a drama queen?

What the hell does innovation vs. a stagnant series have to do with politics!??! Seriously? Are you attempting to sound intelligent with your reply?

Also, I never even mentioned "specs"... mentioning 'next gen' doesn't only refer to graphics, there is a lot more than can be done with AI, physics, UI functionality, audio, etc.

If something is fun (CoD), that doesn't mean it is necessarily good. CoD is fun, in extremely small doses, until you realize that you've been playing the same game for nearly a decade.

GTAV is like climbing a mountain, there's a ton of new things to see and do, and more to explore as it evolves.

Whereas CoD is like skee ball. It's fun... just like it was when you played the same game as a child. Then you realize it IS the same game, and with enough intelligence, you can turn it off and spend your time on something unique.

Also, food for thought - if you have a significantly larger development team working on GTA than you do ANY CoD game, how exactly does a the company with a smaller dev team (even if you combine both developers) release 7 Call of Duty games in the same period of time it took Rockstar to release GTA IV and V?

Answer: 95% recycled content

If you settle for the recycled content that these companies churn out and charge you full price for, I would argue that YOU are not a real gamer good sir.

Drama queen? Get the hell out of here...

ambientFLIER1760d ago

...and BF4 looks just like BF3 did. It could have easily been a map pack. Your point is??

Give me a break, they both will be fun.

ape0071759d ago

didn't say nothing against bf4, it looks damn good

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