Battlefield 4 PC for under £27

Gamers can snag EA's forthcoming military based shooter Battlefield 4 on PC for under £27 in this latest digital offering.

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GentlemenRUs1794d ago

Any history on

Seems a little fishy to me...

fossilfern1794d ago

Used them before I got Europa Universals 4 cheap on there the day it was out.

1794d ago
DirtyLary1794d ago

Is this another stolen credit card purchased game code reseller?

Ton of those Russian sites lately.

Vladplaya1794d ago

Meh got my AvP2010 from one of those for dirt cheap a while ago, activated on Steam no problems.

DirtyLary1794d ago

Until they are informed of an illegal CC purchase and ban all those codes and accounts.

Be nice if Origin and Steam actually did this. Thieves getting %100 profit.

One day they will figure out the millions they are losing.

Agent-861794d ago

They also have PayPal, so your credit card info should be safe.

djplonker1794d ago

I got fifa 14 before it was out for £24.99 from simplycdkeys £ 15 cheaper than origin and it worked and still does!

TedCruzsTaint1794d ago

Eh. Took advantage of the 20% back in blue coins that gamersgate has on offer.
Don't much trust any of the sites that offer these things.