The Funniest Tweets of #PlayStationMemories. What's Your Best Memory?

"A compilation of some of the funniest PlayStation nostalgia perfectly captured through a hashtag."

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FullmetalAlchemist1794d ago

Leaving my PS2 on for days because I didn't have a memory card.

zeal0us1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I did that once but then a day later we lost power :(

8MB back then seem like a lot of space. Now a days its not even enough to cover update.

pedrof931794d ago

Is the video official ?

Does that mean that the Ps4 has the same sound from the Ps2 ?

ABeastNamedTariq1794d ago


It's official.

And I think it does! :D

Thehyph1794d ago

I lacked both psx and ps2 memory cards for a good while, so there were many times systems were left on for a week at a time or more.

First thing that comes to my head...

Using a phoenix down on that boss in FFVII for the instant win. (The one in the Cosmo Canyon cave)

abzdine1794d ago

one of my favorite moments in gaming was at PSone era, there was a time i was playing SF EX+alpha, Bust a Groove, Heart of Darkness, Abe's Odyssey.
Also missing class with my buddies to play Winning Eleven back in time is one of my best memories.

meatysausage1794d ago


Gold! why did it take you so long to find another memory card

Thehyph1794d ago


Too cheap to buy one.

Scratch that, too young to work and my parents were too cheap to buy one.

Also, this conjured up another memory...

One time I rented Dead or Alive (the first one) for psx, and just kept it running as I didn't have a memory card. When I played it the next day I had a poopload of cheats unlocked. (including the bouncing breasts, I believe) I had no idea you could unlock stuff by amount of play time, haha.

What can I say? I was like 13 or 14.

ChrisW1794d ago

My friends consistently doing 26+ combos on me in Tekken, and asking them to go easy on me meant only doing 20+ combos on me.

Actually, I don't like Tekken now because of that...

SolidStoner1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Its Magic!! That sound!! Makes me feel like on Christmas. :)

frameflip1793d ago

One of my favorite PS1 memories:

This game was a blast!

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KingKevo1794d ago

I did that in God of War for the Challenge of the Gods, because you couldn't not save in between and the last one was a pain in the ass and after 1 hour of trying and failing I preferred playing soccer with my friends and tried it when I got up the next day... And I did it eventually :D

LightSamus1794d ago

I remember getting Resident Evil Code Veronica X with my PS2 and trying to play without a memory card. I got as far as the tyrant attack as you make to leave the island and then died. For my first playthrough, I was pretty gutted.

Athonline1793d ago

That PS1 Harry Potter game, I never managed to finish it as I was restarting it every week due to a memory cards shortage in my town :/

Ch1d0r11793d ago

I still do this when playing RPG's. Pause it and come back 4-5 hours later.

egidem1793d ago

That right there...!!!

That... aaaahhhh I can't add anything else!!

sweendog1793d ago

Getting my ps1 chipped then reallising the only way it would work is if it was upside down!

Shake_Zula1793d ago

Getting like 4 memory cards the following Christmas, and then cycling them out to find the right save!

Shake_Zula1793d ago

JamPack demo disks that seemingly never got old!

acedoh1793d ago

September 9th, 1995. Being one of the first in line to buy a PSone and bringing it home and playing it. It was an amazing experience to play a 3D game and technology was nothing like it is today. Cell phones weren't even that relevant.

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GarrusVakarian1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

One of my best gaming memories is being so deeply in love with GTA San Andreas as a 14 year old boy that even when my audio cable broke i carried on playing for hours on end anyway, just me and my 14 inch portable tv.

_QQ_1794d ago

Kingdom hearts, need i say more.

Mikelarry1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

one of my best memories was going online for the first time on the ps2. can anyone remember that online game that game with the ps2 network adapter, man that was so much fun driving round and causing major anarchy online

whitesoxfalife19761794d ago

Madden 03 was my first playstation 2 online game

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