Sega PR Refuses to Comment on Alien Isolation Rumors

Skewed and Reviewed contacted their P.R. rep for Sega about the rumored new Alien game and expressed interest in coverage. They were told that the rep for the game would be in touch shortly yet two minutes later they were told that the company would not be commenting on the rumors that arose today.

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zerocrossing1585d ago

Shouldn't the title read "Sega PR Refuses to Comment on Alien Isolation Rumors" Anyway, that's no surprise really, they probably want to keep a low profile due to the disaster that was Aliens: colonial marines.

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Garethvk1585d ago

Yes, it was approved very fast, like 2 min after I posted it so it was approved before I could get the edit in. I wrote an admin over it.

Globox20121584d ago

Well it can't be as bad Colonial Marines. Can it?

zerocrossing1584d ago

What would that even look like?

Garethvk1584d ago

8 bit graphics, direct modem connection, mono sound.

Garethvk1584d ago

If this bombs they could try a new approach, making a bad game from the start. They try to make good ones and bad things happen so try to make a bad one and see if a good one happens.

I know to sarcastic.

Garethvk1584d ago

I know they were looking at a survival horror game in the theme of Dead Space which I think would be great. The trick with doing games is to explain and justify waves of aliens popping up all over. The population of the Aliens is based on number of hosts, gestation time, eggs, etc. It does not make sense that no matter where you go there they are unless this has been well established and explained.

I know from a game standpoint it would be a pain but imagine one where there was only a few but you had to surive and escape and the focus was not on combat but evasion and creative thinking, Like ok, I have no weapons and I am going to open the airlocks to flush them out. To do this I need a space suit, oxygen, and a failsafe if this does not work. But make it open ended enough so you can think on the fly. Things go bad, there is one there, I can grab a fire axe to try to hold it off or I can say F it and lock myself in the shuttle. Then ok, I need fod, how do I survive.

I would also love to see a MMORPG game.