Killzone Shadow Fall graphics comparison – E3 vs GTTV footage

Killzone Shadow Fall is, undoubtedly, one of the most eagerly anticipated titles from the launch lineup of next-gen console exclusives. We’ve been following the game’s progress since its reveal back in February this year, and are happy to report that the game is shaping up to be the definitive graphical showcase for Sony’s brand new piece of hardware, the Playstation 4. For the sake of comparison, we’ve chosen a selection of GIF images based on footage from the E3 build of the forest level and, more recently, this week’s episode of GTTV.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1644d ago

11/15/13 people will be killzowned

Zefros1644d ago

lucky, i won't get my copy untill 11/29/13 :(

GentlemenRUs1644d ago

I know the feeling :(

*cries in the corner of the room*

Enemy1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

This is honestly the worst comparison I've ever seen. Comparing gifs? Seriously?

Anarki1644d ago

Sony's strongest region is/has always been Europe. So why do they feel it's necessary to release the console later to us than in NA. Makes me cringe.

Pintheshadows1644d ago

At least we don't have to wait months so don't complain.

Hydrolex1644d ago


my cousins' uncle's friends' daughter's boyfriend's dad's friend works there and he is going to give me the game on 10/23rd

Campy da Camper1644d ago

Payback for EUs awesome PLUS. Lol

hosseincode1643d ago

good for you, i won't get my copy untill 99/99/99 :((((

just don't ask why

solid_snake36561643d ago

I feel so bad for you guys. And I'm over here thinking 11/15 is far away.



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1644d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi1644d ago

The motion blur makes it hard to judge the texture quality, but the lighting is better and I'm loving that mist.

Lboogieskells1644d ago

Having a hard time detecting textures even with Mangekyo-Sharingan?

Jaqen_Hghar1643d ago

A man predicts a great plague to sweep the workforce on that day

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iDadio1644d ago

This game will be my first next gen gaming experience, I believe I have chosen well.

MajorAly1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Killzone 2 was by first current-gen experience as I was LTTP. And I still don't regret the decision to start the gen with Killzone 2 :D

MajorAly1644d ago

Killzone 2 was MY*

new keyboard does affect your typing...

scott1821644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Killzone 2 is still one of my fav shooters, and the graphics are still stunning. I am way excited for Killzone SF.

solid_snake36561643d ago

Yup kz2 was epic. Defeating radec on the hardest difficulty was a pain in the rear. It was well worth it though

MizTv1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Kz2 is my all time favorite mp game
It just did so much right
But I can't say the same thing about kz3..

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ssj271644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I was spoiled by KILLZONE 2 most other games felt cheap after it..
That is why I'm skipping CODG, BF4 and many other games.

KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is like a high end game in every term.

other games need to bring up they quality if they want my $! I don't mind amazing fun gameplay with whatever graphics but hey are few out there and most are bad quality in every term.

My next retail game is inFSS and I will buy psn games if I get to keep my PS3 psn games and they count as cross buy, meaning if I buy FLOWER or any other psn game I can eventually play them on my next gen system. for example I hope i can play FAT PRINCESS on my PS4 soon without needing to purchase it again, fair!

ZodTheRipper1643d ago

I totally agree, the online mode will keep me entertained until the next Sony titles arrive.

TechMech21644d ago

I just bought Killzone 3 Saturday. Hope its good!

TechMech21644d ago

Was 3's multiplayer good?

CGI-Quality1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Killzone 3 wasn't bad at all, nope not even when comparing it with 2 (which I agree, was better).

OT: The improvements are QUITE apparent!

QuickdrawMcgraw1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

You bought it,play it and decide for yourself.

Kleptic1643d ago

Killzone 3 wasn't 'bad'...but, for me at least, it was no where near killzone 2...i was pretty disappointed with both the single player and multiplayer...and i also didn't like some of the lighting changes to the game engine...

Again, thats compared to killzone 2...which is easily one of my top 3 favorite shooters of all time...if killzone 2 never released, and it was just killzone 3 against was great...still one of the top shooters on ps3 imo...

Maxor1643d ago

Killzone 3 was CoD trash.

darren_poolies1643d ago

It wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, KZ2 was just better.

ZodTheRipper1643d ago

KZ2 was a very special game and still is. KZ3 couldn't capture that magic though, probably because KZ2 set the bar so damn high (91 Metascore)

MizTv1643d ago

Couldn't agree more
I felt like my heart was ripped out of me
They took out or changed everything I loved about kz2

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MysticStrummer1644d ago

I enjoyed KZ3, in some ways more than 2 but not others. Both are great games, but with a slightly different feel all around. I enjoyed the online of both, though again each had it's advantages.

xReDeMpTiOnx1643d ago

I see a lot of disagrees that kz3 wasent bad compared to 2 but here let me simplify this.

Most of those disagrees were prolly from people who ethier didn't play Killzone , were fps casuals and loved the casual feel and changes/ or were bad at Killzone 2 or didn't like it.

- kz3 sold less than kz2
- kz3 had less people playing in its prime than kz2
- no custom games at launch
- no in game music at launch
- downgraded clan system
- terrific looking maps but unbalanced as all hell
- no spawn grenades
- sniper with cloak + AR (Lmao)
- c4 spam
- rocket suicide spam
- health damage scale
- perks

Shall I keep going?

For those that didn't know kz2 lead mp dev wasent in charge of Killzone 3 hence all the terrible changes. Now the lead from kz2 is back on shadowfall hence a little more towards Killzone roots rather than super casual.

MizTv1643d ago

That's the truth dude
Those were the things that made kz awesome

cell9891643d ago

KZ2 was better, but KZ3 was really good too, people exaggerate, same with Uncharted 2 vs 3

MizTv1643d ago

Dude I think uc2 is so much better than uc3

TechMech21643d ago

It's okay, I'd rather play halo.

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Shane Kim1644d ago

Can't wait. The GTTV footage made me even more excited. 29th of Nov can't come soon enough.

JuniorCE1644d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall is the best FPS this year :-D

whoyouwit041644d ago

DUDE! you are so delusional. If you would have said one of the best I would've said maybe we will just have to wait and see, but the best... get real.

JuniorCE1644d ago

Well I am saying this why? I played BF4 on PC... Honestly... The same thing... COD Ghost? Pretty much the same COD game... AND I HAVE PLAYED KSF Demo and MP... Dude honestly, I had so much fun :-) That's I am saying my personal opinion!!! KSF IS THE BEST FPS OF THE YEAR :-D

ssj271644d ago

the best and it's a fact!


includes custom game modes ( for example you can play with 13 other friends vs 12 very smart AI bots )

first 8 or 6 maps are free!

$20 dlc season pack (8 4players coop horde mode maps, 6 more multiplayer maps) and not a $50 ripoff that COD or BF has going on.

no "AUTO AIM" in competitive MP.

Best visuals, sound effects, more next gen tech behind it, ray trace lighting etc etc.

Very well balanced, amazing map design, competitive online team play based game modes and gameplay, you got to play as a team to level up.

1080p 60fps and this youtube videos can't show the true quality of it, one you see it on tv you will be amazed.

dedicated servers.

scott1821644d ago

Awesome, I am so excited for it!

ShutUpDonny1643d ago

The game has not release, just like BF4 and CODG. You can't say it's the best yet, even if it might be.

Shane Kim1643d ago

CoD Ghosts is the only one. There are people who have played KZ:SF and BF4 for some time now. And for the looks of it, CoD seems to be the same thing again.

Maxor1643d ago

I have KZ: SF on preorder but only a fanboy would think this game is the best FPS this year. This was an eye candy buy, nothing more.

The BF4 beta alone play 10 times better than anything Killzone SF have shown.

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